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"The Works"

"The Works" (works_301) $375.00
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Our courses, combined in “The Works,” work together expertly to create excellent written and oral communications, serving the creator, the reader, and the listener. Grammar and Punctuation are the glue that holds everything together. Get a great grip on grammar, punctuation, proofreading, and editing, and you'll be the professional, proficient communicator you've always wanted to be. Save a little money, too!


  • Get a good grip on grammar and get to the point.
  • Zap mistakes and misspellings from your correspondence.
  • Be a better, more accurate, more proficient, more effective and faster writer, editor, proofreader, and punctuator.
  • Save valuable time.
  • Ensure a first-rate first impression (in writing or in person).
  • Boost your confidence and the confidence of your employer and clients.


Clients and others have been so impressed by Writestyle's skills and services in proofreading, punctuation, grammar, and editing that they asked Writestyle to develop courses on these subjects. This comprehensive, multi-unit course is available for access at any hour of the day or night and is often appreciated by students worldwide.

Writestyle's president and other trainers are highly educated, experienced, and versatile; most are current or former educators and journalists.


"The Works" does not require students to purchase books. Everything that you need is provided within the courses, with the exception of the Proofreading course, for which instructors would like you to be prepared with two rulers, a red pen or pencil, and a pad of paper. The courses, as applicable, include lists of most frequently misspelled words and the most confusing word pairs or groupings in grammar and homonyms; a page of proofreading marks, sample proofread and edited pages, a sample style sheet, and a list of style guides. Additionally, the courses offer practice sessions, quizzes, and tests that allow you to apply your newfound knowledge immediately. Finally, brief lists of suggested supplemental readings, applicable to each unit, are offered for students who may gain additional confidence from keeping topnotch reference sources at hand.

"The Works"
Course Outline

Unit 1: Grammar Grip
Confused about "who" and "whom," "its" and "it's"? Get a grip on grammar and get to the point. Learn techniques to tackle spelling, politically correct language, and more to ensure a first-rate first impression.

Unit 2: Punctuation & Capitalization
Learn proper punctuation to create appropriate pauses and to ensure accurate comprehension for your readers. From commas to dashes in sentences, punctuation rules!

Unit 3: Proofreading for Perfection
How does proofreading differ from editing and what is its value? What marks, tools, and techniques do proofreaders use? Learn all this, how to prepare, what to look for, and to do it well. Practice makes perfect!

Unit 4 Effective, Efficient Editing
Become a better editor of words, sentences, paragraphs, and entire compositions by understanding the rules and by refreshing your knowledge of grammar and punctuation. Differentiate between copyediting, substantive/developmental editing, technical editing, and Web site editing. Use copyediting marks, style sheets/guides, and our techniques. Recognize problems in sentence and paragraph construction, usage, tone, voice, tense, style, word choice, and more. Learn to edit according to time and budget constraints.

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