WRITING: Got Writer’s Block? Pursuing Perfection? August 7, 2017

WRITING:  Got Writer’s Block? Pursuing Perfection?           August 7, 2017

Got writer’s block? Pursuing perfection?  Let’s get you out of those, pronto. Resolving the first can also relieve the second.

Writer’s Block:  Ever heard of free writing and webbing?

  1. Free writing:  In the pre-writing phase, set a timer for, say, 20 or 30 minutes.  Write whatever and everything that comes to mind, whether to generate ideas or to create on a topic. Don’t pause/stop to read, consider, or edit for spelling, grammar, word choice, or anything else.  Just write!  When the timer goes off, read what you have and you’ll be amazed to see how many ideas came out and what they are leading to.
  2. Webbing: For the lack of another explanation, webbing is a method of visually connecting ideas and subject-related words in a written web toward the writing goal.  The writer can branch out and connect further as needed.  Using this fast, concise method, the writer can stay on course to see and keep track of possibilities.

Creating in these ways, timed or not, also can help to curb your tendency to be a perfectionist. Read on.

Pursuing Perfection

Because I’m also an editor who wants everything created by me or by others to be as good as possible, I really had to work on putting my perfectionism to the side during the creative process. Pursuing perfection is okay to a point but becomes unreasonable; we have to cut ourselves some slack. Just create—get those ideas out where you can see them—so that nothing will get in the way and make you forget some of the great phrases that you really want to use. Then, reread and tweak where necessary. Remember: Rereading, reconsidering, and tweaking can also produce new ideas; so, get those new ideas down quickly, too. Once you have a rough draft you can reread, reconsider, and revise. You can do it!

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