WRITING: TO SPLIT OR TO FIX? August 29, 2017

WRITING:  TO SPLIT OR TO FIX?                                   August 29, 2017

Having house guests for two weeks was fun, but I got behind in my work and then I was sick last week.  Thank you for returning for more writing and grammar info!


Sometimes writing is very easy, and the sentences flow readily from our minds through our fingers onto the page.  At others, though, some phrases/sentences become like tongue twisters and don’t seem to come out right, no matter what we do.  Trying to force writing and rhyme can cause discomfort and dissonance for both writers and readers.  What to do?


The Problem

When you’re experiencing too much difficulty and/or confusion in writing or editing a sentence, step back, slow down, and read it out loud.  Was it uncomfortable for you to say and hear?  If so, look at/listen to the parts, and figure out what and where the problems are.  Is logic/clarity the only problematic issue?  Does it sound clunky and odd, without a smooth flow?  Can you easily move or delete a word or two in order to achieve logic and a comfortable flow?  If not . . .


The Solution

Consider reconstructing/rewriting the sentence or splitting it into two or three sentences, depending on its length.  Also, think about whether text would be clearer, easier to read and hear, and overall more effective if portions are relocated/switched.  You can even try both possibilities.  Think at the sixth-grade level (newspaper writing/broadcast news) instead of doctorate level.  Can you also get rid of any unnecessary or interfering words?  If you really get stuck, ask someone for help.  Then, reread to make sure that the flow of thought and logic have survived.  Will it make sense to your readers and be easy for them to read/say?  If so, you’re good to go.

Don’t let a lack of flow and logic trip up or halt your writing, or even take half an hour to resolve.  Getting upset and sending the piece out in problematic form won’t help, either.  It should be easy enough to resolve; be objective and give it a reasonable second chance.  Always go with what’s best for your readers.


Many lessons and bits of advice in this writing/grammar series have been taken from Writestyle’s online campus.  Like this blog and find it helpful?  Watch your inbox for more!




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