Dancing With The Stars Week 9 Analysis and Results

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) Season 23/Fall 2016: Nov. 7


The Cast: Pros + Stars

Val Chmerkovskiy + Laurie Hernandez, U.S. Olympic Gymnast

Sasha Farber + Terra Jolé, Reality TV Star

Derek Hough + Marilu Henner, Actress/Author

Lindsay Arnold + Calvin Johnson, NFL Wide Receiver, “Megatron”

Sharna Burgess + James Hinchcliffe, Pro Race Car Driver

Gleb Savchenko + Jana Kramer, Country Music Singer/Actress


Dancing With The Stars: Week 9 Analysis

It’s Showstopper Week—Broadway. Mark Ballas, as Frankie Valli, and his three teammates showed up and performed as the Four Seasons from their Broadway run in the autobiographical “Jersey Boys.” Singer and Broadway star Idina Menzel served in Len’s spot with a humble and generous demeanor—lovely. Surprisingly, the judging was pretty much on target for celebrities who have been dancing at an elevated level much sooner than it happened in the first 15-20 seasons of the show, especially with Ryan gone.

  1. Marilu Henner: Samba. Judges’ score 9. My score 9.

The positive: For the 2nd or 3rd week in a row, she was all in, comfortable, relaxed, and clearly enjoying herself. The dance was nearly perfect.


  1. Calvin Johnson: Waltz. Judges’ scores 9-9-10-9. My score 9.5.

The positive: For a guy who got 6’s and 7’s in the first week, he truly has come a long way, and don’t forget that he broke out of the middle of the pack just a couple of weeks ago, which was somewhat earlier than I had expected; great, though. Loved it! He is so smooth and graceful—very impressive and a joy to watch.


  1. James Hinchcliffe: Jazz with Jenna filling in. Judges’ score 9. My score 9.5.

The positive: James is a natural-born entertainer and dancer in training. Except for a slight misstep early on, he looked like a pro, especially in doing a difficult jump/turn by himself (sorry—I forget the technical dance term). He’s Mr. Talent, Mr. Dance, Mr. Congeniality, and Mr. Entertainment, all rolled into one. I want to watch him again and again!


  1. Terra Jolé: Charleston. Judges’ scores 10-10-9-9. My score 9.

The positive: Can do and all in! Fun, spot-on acting/performing. As usual, adorable! So entertaining!

The negative: Because of her physical limitations, she wasn’t able to do some of the traditional Charleston movements.


  1. Jana Kramer: Waltz with Gleb (Alan in practice/as backup). Judges’ score 10. My score 10.

The positive: Heartfelt, captivating, dramatic/emotional, beautiful. Magnetic; I couldn’t look away.  For me, the Dance of the Night!


  1. Laurie Hernandez: Arg. Tango. Judges’ score 10. My score 10.

The positive: WOW! The jumps and catches were impressive, at pro level. In this performance the girl appeared to have grown up quite a bit. It was intense and strong, with moves as they needed to be.



James & Calvin “Last Man Standing” Paso Doble: Cute story!           Judges’ scores 9-9-10-9. My score 9.

Marilu & Terra “Cubs” Jazz: Well done.                                           Judges’ & My Score: 9.

Laurie & Jana “Sisters” Contemporary: At pro level: difficult/dramatic/WOW! Judges’ & My Score: 10.


WHO WAS ELIMINATED THIS WEEK? Marilu. What?! I know! Yet, she was so gracious about it. Just as she has been most weeks about receiving sub-par scores, about basically being ignored with Derek in the packages, and about being ignored by Erin in the sky box. Did you notice all that, too?




WHO SHOULD BE ELIMINATED NEXT WEEK? Probably Terra. Not that she’s done anything wrong or really deserves to go home. She’s been consistently adorable, skilled, fun, and one of the most-entertaining celebs I’ve ever seen on this show. I love to watch her and Sasha! When she leaves, I’ll miss her.

WHO DESERVES TO WIN? (1) James, (2) Jana (great since Week 1), (3) Calvin (the “dark horse”).

What do you have to say? Praise, slam, explain, inspire, or whatever for Dancing with the Stars!

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