Dancing With The Stars Week 6 Analysis and Results

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) Season 23/Fall 2016: Oct. 17


The Cast: Pros + Stars

Val Chmerkovskiy + Laurie Hernandez, U.S. Olympic Gymnast

Cheryl Burke + Ryan Lochte, U.S. Olympic Swimmer

Artem Chigvintsev + Maureen McCormick, Actress (“Marcia,”“Brady Bunch” TV show, 1960s/1970s)

Maksim Chmerkovskiy + Amber Rose, Talk Show Host/Activist

Sasha Farber + Terra Jolé, Reality TV Star

Derek Hough + Marilu Henner, Actress/Author

Lindsay Arnold + Calvin Johnson, NFL Wide Receiver, “Megatron”

Sharna Burgess + James Hinchcliffe, Pro Race Car Driver

Gleb Savchenko + Jana Kramer, Country Music Singer/Actress


Dancing With The Stars: Week 6 Analysis

It’s Latin Night on Dancing with the Stars! Pitbull performed and served as the guest judge in Len’s spot. Why did they give the first set of results right before the dancing started? I don’t like that. How could a competitor concentrate on the new dance after being told that he/she is in jeopardy for leaving the show later in the night? Most of the stars upped their game while a few stayed their status quo and one or two slipped a bit. The landscape changed when Calvin climbed either to the top of the middle of the pack or out of it. Some of the judging was on target, a few were too low, and a few were too high. Tom and Erin hosted.

  1. Ryan Lochte: Salsa. Judges’ scores 7-8-8-7. My score 7.

The positive: He’s a nice guy whose skills have improved and who sometimes shows good lines.

The negative: I think he peaked at low to mid-range a couple of weeks ago, having shown some improvement. Why do judges and viewers keep hyping him?! No, Julianne, he did NOT nail it, Olympian or not. His rhythm/timing, hold, and footwork ranged from 50% to 75% accurate. He needs to learn how to coordinate his feet/legs with his hips; still needs to monitor his posture and work on transitions in body and feet. Get over this guy! He’s been here too long and should go home before votes for him knock out a competitor who truly deserves to stay in this competition.


  1. Terra Jolé: Paso Doble. Judges’ scores 7-8-8-7. My score 7.

The positive: Can she and Sasha get any cuter? She works hard, and the packages of her and Sasha are adorable. Her ruffled gown was cute. Sasha had intricate choreo to a fast, difficult song.

The negative: She slipped a bit tonight; kept looking to Sasha for guidance and was too dependent on him. She obviously lacked confidence tonight. Her shoulders weren’t always straight up, her arms weren’t quite finished extending, and her hands weren’t always graceful.


  1. Amber Rose: Cha-Cha. Judges’ score 7. My score 7.

The positive: She’s come quite a distance from when she started the show. I like this pretty girl, and I give her half a point for driving a hot-pink Jeep.

The negative: But, she still holds back in confidence and in letting go inside the dance and the music, hasn’t improved enough to warrant staying on and probably won’t. She and Ryan need to go home, preferably at the same time in a double elimination.


  1. James Hinchcliffe: Arg. Tango. Judges’ scores 10-9-9-10. My score 10.

The positive: He really gets it, has unstoppable personality, and is enjoyable to watch. The dance was flowing, sexy, beautiful, passionate, with gorgeous lines/transitions and sharpness. Great choreo from Sharna and fab chemistry between the two. My second-favorite dance of the night.


  1. Marilu Henner: Cha-Cha. Judges’ scores 8-9-9-8. My score 8.5.

The positive: She always looks fabulous! Great legs, especially, and a well-done dance that displayed sophistication, grace, technique that was a bit too controlled/precise, and somewhat insufficient hip action that didn’t quite follow through from precise footwork.

The negative: Again, get out of your head, Marilu, and loosen up all over; stop trying to control everything, stop trying to be perfect, and just become one with the dance. Otherwise, you can’t win.


  1. Jana Kramer: Arg. Tango. Judges’ score 10. My score 10.

The positive: She keeps pushing through her slowly-mending rib injury to dance beautifully. That can’t be easy during so many lifts. I can’t take my eyes off her because her lines are always g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. This Arg. Tango was stunning, intense, passionate, so connected, had great transitions, and—grabbed my fan—HOT! WOW! One of the few truly, totally sexy Rhumbas I’ve seen in 23 seasons. She performed at pro level. Loved it! For me, The Dance of the Night!

An issue: The execution was gorgeous, sexy, and perfect. We know that the Rhumba is vertical lovemaking, the dance of love; the bed was not necessary.


  1. Maureen McCormick: Samba. Judges’ scores 8-7-8-8. My score 8.

The positive: Good attitude, esp. for a difficult dance. I like her. She’s improved a lot. Her footwork was a tad off, but she overcame her nerves, looked sweet, and powered through to bring a performance that I ranked at being 85% there. She looked very cute and happier tonight.

The negative: Keep improving technique/footwork and confidence. Loosen up overall, in bounce, and through hips: feel the music/rhythm and let go accordingly.


  1. Calvin Johnson: Arg. Tango. Judges’ scores 9-10-9-9. My score 10.

The positive: He’s adorable and keeps improving. His Arg. Tango with Lindsay was executed amazingly and perfectly to Lindsay’s superb choreography! Accurate, great timing/technique/lines/ footwork/arms/hands, sharpness, intensity, stellar lifts. WOW! I loved it! I want to watch it again and again.


  1. Laurie Hernandez: Salsa. Judges’ scores 9-9-9-10. My score 9.

The positive: Their Salsa was fun, festive, energetic, intricate/accurate with fab technique.

The negative/needs to work on: Hips. I repeat: Gymnasts always come into this with an advantage. This girl is adorable—who couldn’t love her?—but I don’t want her to win. I want the winner to be someone who comes in with the distinct disadvantage of having had no background in dance, such as James.

NEXT WEEK: Couples dances. WHO SHOULD BE ELIMINATED? Ryan Lochte! Please . . .

Who deserves to win: (1) James (disadvantage/no dance background but has been a fab dancer since week 1), (2) Jana (some dance background but shy; gorgeous lines since week 1), (3) Laurie (advantage as a gymnast, which, for me, ranks below those without dance backgrounds)—in that order.

Marilu (WOW for those legs! + her overall shape/condition) is close behind them, but she’s too perfectionistic to win, putting technique over becoming one with the music. Calvin (disadvantage/no dance background but has steadily improved and did a perfect Arg. Tango tonight) is coming up, topping the middle of the pack. Has he broken out, or will he? We’ll find out next week.

Other News: Anyone missing Mark Ballas? Of course you are! He’s portraying the real Frankie Valli in “Jersey Boys” on Broadway! Woohoo! Bet that’s fab!

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