Dancing With The Stars Week 10 Analysis and Results

Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) Season 23/Fall 2016: Nov. 14


The Cast: Pros + Stars

Val Chmerkovskiy + Laurie Hernandez, U.S. Olympic Gymnast

Sasha Farber + Terra Jolé, Reality TV Star/Singer

Lindsay Arnold + Calvin Johnson, NFL Wide Receiver, “Megatron”

Sharna Burgess + James Hinchcliffe, Pro Race Car Driver

Gleb Savchenko + Jana Kramer, Country Music Singer/Actress


Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 Analysis and Results

It’s Semifinals Week! The celebs discussed people and events that affected them early in their lives. The performances and their entertainment values were WOW! Most of the judging was accurate while one judge behaved rather ridiculously/unfairly.


  1. James Hinchcliffe: Arg. Tango with Sharna! Judges’ score 9-10-10. My score 10.

The positive: Sharna is back early! I was worried that she might reinjure herself, especially when she appeared to be pushing herself hard. James, too, was worried but thrilled to have her in hand. Their dancing was intense, controlled, continuous, passionate—all that it was supposed to be, with perfect technique and ending with James in a handstand just above her. They completely captivated me, and I didn’t want it to stop. WOW! I must say, though, that I readily remembered that the blindfold technique had been used before; afterward, Erin told us that Max used it for her when she was his celeb partner some seasons ago. Again, Carrie Ann tried to pick on something that no one else saw (and maybe didn’t exist) and then scored him with only a 9—good grief. REMEMBER: James nearly died in a race-car crash last year and was not supposed to be able to walk again, ever, let alone to dance. HE IS AMAZING ACROSS THE BOARD AND REALLY DESERVES TO WIN.


  1. Terra Jolé: Rhumba.             Judges’ score 10. My score 10.

The positive: Their dancing was pretty and the techniques were spot-on; although a bit too untraditional for me, it was really wonderful. OMG! LOL! The packages were SO ENTERTAINING, especially the second one, with Artem, and her acting took it up several notches. I love her! Their friendship is truly endearing.


  1. Jana Kramer: Quickstep. Judges’ score 9-9-10. My score 9.5.

The positive: It was quite good. Carrie Ann may have been correct this time, though, that Jana’s head/neck position wasn’t always perfect; but even if it wasn’t quite perfect, it wasn’t a big deal. During most of this season, the judges often denied her obvious skill, said that her gorgeous lines were not gorgeous or even correct, and underscored her. She kind of stayed under the radar for a while. Lately, though, they’ve been promoting her to get her into the finals. REMEMBER: Her ribs are still healing from a performance-related injury that she sustained at least a month ago.


  1. Calvin Johnson: Tango.             Judges’ scores 8-9-9. My score 9.

The positive: Mr. Smooth, Mr. Class Act, who can do just about anything, especially with Lindsay’s creative and highly effective choreography. WOW on the entertainment factor! I loved it! In their dancing he had a misstep near the sideline and the crowd about three quarters of the way through, but they continued on as though nothing had happened. Carrie Ann was ridiculous in exaggerating what happened and knocking his score to an 8—so unfair; had Laurie done what Calvin did, CAI wouldn’t have noticed or commented.


  1. Laurie Hernandez: Foxtrot. Judges’ score 10. My score 9.5.

The positive: She’s very talented and seems to learn the dances fairly easily. Beautiful choreo./ performance. I just wish that the judges would stop treating her (1) so specially, (2) as though she’s even younger than her true age, and (3) as though she’s a shoo-in to win. For their trio dance, the producers even went so far as to show a package about Laurie’s grandmother and her death and then Laurie crying (including for sympathy votes), and then to bring in the big guns (Maks) to promote her even further. I don’t want her to win; I want someone who came into this without a physical advantage. I have nothing against Laurie; she’s a sweet, dedicated, and talented girl. I’m just tired of advantages and promotion being given only to certain contestants. I’m so over the gymnasts; as I’ve said before, I don’t ever want to see another gymnast on this show.



Calvin & Lindsay with her BFF, Witney: SALSA: Cute, creative & fun!                   Judges: 10. Me: 10.

James & Sharna with Jenna: JIVE: WOW! Loved every second of it!                       Judges: 10. Me: 10.

Jana & Gleb with Alan: PASO DOBLE: Great choreo. & techniques/posture.        Judges: 10. Me: 10.

Terra & Sasha with Artem: TANGO: Stunning choreo./performance. Loved it!     Judges: 10. Me: 10.

Laurie & Val with Maks: SAMBA. Not quite enough content but excellent.            Judges: 10. Me: 10.

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: For me, Terra & Sasha with Artem in the trio TANGO. The choreography was stunning in both design and execution. The men’s movements in and out of the trio were beyond graceful and gorgeous! Sexy, too, and a pleasure to behold.  Terra was kept as the center of attention, and her sexiness and humor took it over the top to where I’ll want to watch it repeatedly.


WHO WAS ELIMINATED THIS WEEK? The adorable Terra. WTH?! I know! It was kind of predictable, though, given how much the judges have pushed viewers toward Laurie all season long and recently also toward Jana. She gets all 10’s tonight in both dances and then gets sent home (sigh). This girl is plucky and saucy and perseverant and wildly entertaining, and I hate to see her go. She’s come a long way, to the point of feeling much more confident in dancing/performing. The package of this threesome before their trio dance was even funnier than their first tonight. James, Jana, Calvin, and Laurie are safe for next week; don’t be surprised if the judges, at least Carrie Ann, find a way to throw Calvin under the bus.


WHO SHOULD WIN IN THE FINALE NEXT WEEK? .I’ve said it since the first night: James should win! Jana, Calvin & Laurie follow, in whichever order.


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