Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 Analysis – The Finals, Night 2

Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 Analysis – The Finals, Night 2

Tom and Erin hosted, with huge crowds both outdoors and inside the ballroom. So much excitement and celebrating!  All of the season’s contestants and pros returned and did at least a little dancing.  Recaps of the season were shown.  Guest singers performed.  Maksim Chmerkovskiy returned in brief spots, including in a dance with brother Val in order to promote their “Our Way” tour, which begins in mid-June.  This finale was much more organized and much less hectic than last season’s (thank you!).


Paige and Mark preformed their kickboxing-Paso Doble again (much on toes), which was absolutely amazing for only week 3. Ginger and Val repeated their last, stunning Argentine Tango from week 8.  Nyle and Peta repeated their Cha-Cha from week 1.  Jodie & Keo repeated their last performance, a fabulous Jive from week 8.  Wanya and Lindsay repeated their Charleston from week 9.  Antonio and Sharna repeated their Jazz, with Antonio again in white tux and tails, from week 4.  All of the pro girls danced to JLo’s “Ain’t Your Mama,” and all the guys, joined toward the end by Antonio and Von, danced to “Are You Ready for Love?”  All very good and fun.  Finally, the top 3 had to compete one last time, with each performing a different 24-hour fusion for the judges’ final scores.


  1. Ginger & Val: Arg. Tango/Foxtrot. Judges’ score 9. My score 9.

Lovely and well done. In the middle they paused actual dancing to slower rounding in order to thank the fans. I understand why they wanted to do that, but the dance overall would have been prettier and more effective, in my opinion, if they had employed a different method.  Loved the portions of Arg. Tango that Val used from week 8, which was my dance of the night for that week.


  1. Nyle & Peta: Cha-Cha/Tango. Judges’ score 10.  My score 10.

The dances and back-and-forth transitions were excellent. Nyle fought tears the whole time that the judges were talking to him and Peta afterward.  What a dear man!


  1. Paige & Mark: Salsa/Jive. Judges’ score 10.  My score 10.

Lots and lots of Salsa hip action combined cleverly and smoothly, in and out, with traditional Jive moves and sharp kicks.  More fab choreo from Mark for a girl who has proven that she can do anything.



WHO WON, PLACED, AND SHOWED?  The judges’ final scores were combined with America’s votes from last night.  My prediction held true:  Nyle won, Paige was second, and Ginger was third—exactly as it should have been.  I’m especially delighted for Nyle and Paige.  Although Ginger became a lovely dancer, she did not deserve to win.

What were your predictions? Do you agree with the results? Which dances did you like the most and the least? Weigh in with your comments! To comment, click on the title of this week’s article or go directly to the sign-in link in the lower right-hand corner of the page.

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