Dancing With The Stars Season 24, Week 6

Dancing With The Stars Season 24, Week 6

It’s Week 6, Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars! Tom and Erin hosted. Carrie Ann Inaba (CAI), Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) (Season 21 with Sharna), Len Goodman, and Bruno Tonioli judged.

The Cast:

Maksim Chmerkovskiy  +  Heather Morris, Singer/Dancer

Val Chmerkovskiy     Normani Kordei, Singer

Sasha Farber  +  Simone Biles, U.S. Olympic Gymnast (most-decorated)

Artem Chigvintsev  +  Nancy Kerrigan, Former U.S. Olympic Ice Skater

Peta Murgatroyd  +  Nick Viall, Former “Bachelor”

Sharna Burgess  +  Bonner Bolton, Pro Bull Rider/Model

Emma Slater  +  Rashad Jennings, NFL Running Back

Lindsay Arnold  +  David Ross, CHI Cubs Baseball Catcher (won 2016 World Series; retired)

Dancing With The Stars: Week 6 Analysis (April 24, 2017)

This is Boy Bands versus Girl Groups (teams) in Week 6 on Dancing with the Stars! The show opened by showing the male celebs and the female celebs separately in their respective groups. Maks is back! The performances ranged from good to WOW; no one was scored below a 7, which further proves progress. Most of the pros choreographed appropriate/traditional and sufficient dance content. The judges’ scores were mostly fair, but they cheated a few contestants and denied one post-dance interview time with Erin. CAI did not subtract points for lifts.

  1. Simone Biles: Tradl./Mod. Samba.  Judges: 9-8-9-9.   Me: 8.5.

The positive:  “I’m A Survivor.” Sasha’s choreo was pretty good. Although a couple of judges said that it had plenty of Samba content, I strongly disagree; it was too modified with other content. However, it met the requirement for constant movement and was fun and even a tad sexy.

The negative/work onTry to minimize gymnastics, and, when you do them, try not to look as though you’re doing a gymnastic floor routine with the customary fast, powerful movements and hard landings; make it more graceful and soft as though flowing within the dance. Just feel/react to the music/movement.

She’s due for:  a Paso Doble, a Salsa, a Rhumba, an Arg. Tango (maybe), a Jive, a Jazz, a Foxtrot, a standard Waltz, or a Charleston.


  1. Bonner Bolton: Tradl. Rhumba.    Judges: 8-8-7-7.   Me: 8.

The positive:  Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” Again, his frame/hold, leg position, confidence, and technique improved. I love his work ethic, sweet personality, cute face, and gentlemanly ways. He has improved a lot across the board, even though he already earned at least a few 8’s also in Weeks 2, 4 and 5. Emotionally this week, he was more confident and comfortable, and so more into it with obviously deeper participation. For example, in the dance’s opening moments he mouthed the lyrics in perfect timing. As the Rhumba requires, he was in the mood/character with a serious expression and was very attentive to Sharna and moving *NSync with her rather sexily at times. He showed good hip action early on when it was needed and maintained good lines. Although he may have appeared to move a bit stiffly later, I’m pretty sure that was just his attempt to maintain correct posture. As you’ll recall, the Rhumba is supposed to flow smoothly and continuously; this dance didn’t do that all the time but still worked well. Overall, he REALLY did a good job in what was my third-fave dance tonight. No, he isn’t the best male dancer here and probably won’t be because he’s shy and his neck won’t allow him to move as well as someone who hasn’t sustained a life-altering injury. He clearly works very hard, though, to do his best. I always enjoy watching him in general and while dancing, which gives a point to entertainment value. Shirt on or shirt off (a treat this week!), I like him a lot.

The negative/work on:  He could have shown even more facial expression versus focus on technique (which was not obvious this time). Keep working on overall technique and not letting concentration show in your face; lose yourself in feeling the music and responding to it.

He’s due for:  a Paso Doble, a Samba, a Salsa, an Arg. Tango (maybe), a Jive, a Jazz, a Quickstep, a standard Waltz, or a Contemporary.


  1. Nancy Kerrigan: Traditional Paso Doble.     Judges: 9-8-8-8.  Me: 9.

The positive:  Spice Girls’ “Free Your Mind.” A fan of this show since the beginning, she remembered that Maks and Mel B had done a fabulous Paso to this song (Mel B’s girl group) many seasons ago. This Paso was on the opposite side of the spectrum from her lighthearted dance with Artem of last week: intense/dramatic, sharp, large and rounded, and nearly always in control after a couple of slightly off moments. Proper and very impressive! I liked it. She and Artem truly are an effective team. She deserves to be on Dancing with the Stars, and I’m glad she’s here. To be fair, Nick’s, Len’s, and Bruno’s 8’s should have been 9’s.

She’s due for:  a Salsa, a Tango, a Rhumba, an Arg. Tango (maybe), a Jive, a Quickstep, a standard Waltz, a Contemporary, or a Charleston.


  1. Nick Viall: Traditional Jive.                 Judges: 7-7-7-7.   Me: 8.

The positive:  Beach Boys’ “Fun, Fun, Fun.” Nick did a really good job! It was a correct, full jive, energetic and fun, with strong/sharp kicks and flicks—much better than a couple of other contestants’ jives this season (esp. Erika’s). cute, creative, playful. He stayed with Peta, never got off timing, and clearly had fun. I enjoyed it and told my husband that it was very impressive. But the judges majorly ripped him off! He has worked very hard, improved a lot, and earned my respect. BTW, Peta looks fab!

He’s due for:  a Samba, a Paso Doble, a Samba, a Salsa, a Tango/Arg. Tango, a Quickstep, a standard Waltz, a Viennese Waltz, a Contemporary, or a Charleston.


  1. Normani Kordei: Tradl./Mod. Salsa.  Judges: 10-10-8-10.   Me: 9.

The positive:  (A Pussycat Dolls song.) Val’s choreo was pretty good. Normani did a couple of graceful, understated gymnastic moves, including a cartwheel of sorts while somewhat connected to Val and a lift/spin. As always, her posture and her lines were lovely. The dance was sexy. But, it did not contain quite enough traditional content, which is likely why Len scored an 8 (although a 9 would’ve been fair).

She’s due for:  a Samba, a Tango, an Arg. Tango (maybe), a Jive, a Jazz, a standard Waltz, a Viennese Waltz, a Contemporary, or a Charleston.


  1. David Ross: Traditional Arg. Tango.      Judges: 7-8-7-7.  Me: 8.

The positive:  (Danced to an *NSync song). Lindsay’s choreography was good. Their dance was proper, dramatic and flowing, with the necessary serious facial expression. He even lifted her over his head, with his arms fully extended upward—not easy to do, WOW! Her landing was a tad shaky, though, and he had a few small footwork mistakes elsewhere. He works hard and gives his all. Well done! I liked it. All judges except Nick cheated him on his scores, though.

The negative/work on: Needs to maintain controlled footwork, a bit more bounce in his step at times, and technique.

Again, David did not get a post-dance interview with Erin.

He’s due for:  a Paso Doble, a Rhumba, a Samba, a Salsa, a regular Tango (maybe), a Foxtrot, a standard Waltz, a Contemporary, or a Charleston.


  1. Rashad Jennings: Traditional Tango.    Judges: 9-10-9-9.   Me: 9.5.

The positive:  Four Tops’ “Reach Out,” a fast Tango. Rashad’s dance opened with him “being” one of the Four Tops. WOW! What a superb start! The dance was proper, intense, sharp but smooth, and sweetly sexy; it had great rhythm and nearly perfect timing. The dance was graceful, elegant, and fully connected. Very impressive and very entertaining. A joy to watch! I loved it! My DANCE OF THE NIGHT! Can’t wait to see him and Emma together again next week!

The negative/work on:  Keep intensity from affecting tiny changes to timing and proper movement.

He’s due for:  a Paso Doble, a Rhumba, an Arg. Tango, a Samba, a Salsa, a Jazz, a Jive, a Quickstep, a standard Waltz, or a Charleston.


  1. Heather Morris: Tradl. Rhumba (Maks!).    Judges: all 10s.  Me: 9.5.

The positiveTLC’s “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls.” She appreciated Alan but was clearly happy to have Maks back. Together, they told a story in a Rhumba that was proper, tall/long in posture/movement, continuous, smooth, in sync, and had gorgeous lines and fast but graceful turns. Fab choreo, Maks! Best Rhumba tonight! However, I keep wishing that she could convince me that she’s genuinely immersed in the dance rather than just performing; hence, my 9.5. Dancing with the Stars has introduced her to many of us, but I still believe that she’s too experienced a dancer to be here. Again tonight, Maks repeated that Alan did fine work while filling in for him, which was sweet. For me, this dance is just behind Rashad’s Tango as my second Dance of the Night.

She’s due for:  a Paso Doble, a Samba, a Salsa, an Arg. Tango (maybe), a Quickstep, a standard Waltz, a Contemporary, or a Charleston.



1st: Boy Band (Nick, Bonner, Rashad, David): SHIRTS OFF! and they did a short chair-dance. All except sweet David have well-set six-packs. Nick and David looked confident enough. Bonner looked adorable but focused a bit much on steps/movements. Rashad appeared to be the most comfy in a sweet, fun way (no ego) and won the night here, too. All sexy but not excessively. The guys were a tad out of sync a few times and less technical, but much more entertaining. To me, they won by a little.      Judges: 8-9-8-8.  Me: 9.

2nd: Girl Group (Heather, Normani, Simone, Nancy): Well done! Normani seemed to be especially impressive. They danced better technically overall but were not as entertaining as the guys.                         Judges: 8-9-8-9.  Me: 9.


WHO WAS ELIMINATED THIS WEEK?  Heather, right after earning all 10’s. She was gracious and thanked Maks and Alan equally.

WHO SHOULD BE ELIMINATED NEXT WEEK?  That’s a tough one, but I’ll have to go with Nick first, David second.


Let’s talk about Dancing with the Stars!

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