Dancing With The Stars Season 24, Week 10 FINALS, Night 2

Dancing With The Stars Season 24, Week 10 FINALS, Night 2


It’s Week 10/The Finals/The Finale, Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars! Tom and Erin hosted. Carrie Ann Inaba (CAI), Len Goodman, Julianne Hough, and Bruno Tonioli judged.


The Remaining Cast:

Val Chmerkovskiy  +  Normani Kordei, Singer

Emma Slater  +  Rashad Jennings, NFL Running Back

Lindsay Arnold  +  David Ross, CHI Cubs Baseball Catcher (won 2016 World Series; retired)

Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 Finals, Night 2/The Finale, Analysis & Results (May 23, 2017)

This is Finals Week on Dancing with the Stars! It’s basically a big party that everyone came home for. The show began at the outdoor venue/stage, which turned out to be just beyond the ballroom. Much of the night Erin was outdoors while Tom ran things in the ballroom, but Erin was back and forth. We saw clips reviewing the three finalists’ respective journeys over the past 10 weeks and were reminded that they would have to do one more dance for the judges to score (the fusion dance). That was when they revealed that Rashad had logged 100+ more rehearsal hours than the other finalists, which says a lot. Pro and troupe members together—first girls, then guys—danced hot numbers; the girls did a “rain dance” that Witney choreographed, and the guys danced shirtless in black tux-like coats/pants, all fantastic, of course. Solo artist Hailee Steinfeld and bands One Republic and Lady Antebellum each performed twice. Season 10’s Nicole Scherzinger danced to “Do You Love Me?” from the new “Dirty Dancing,” which will air tomorrow night.

All contestants from this season returned tonight; it was good to see them, and we could easily remember why most of them were eliminated weeks ago. Certain pairs replayed certain dances from earlier weeks: Sharna/Bonner revisited their cute/sexy Country/cowboy dance; Nancy/Artem and Normani/Val did the Samba (with Bruno as a background dancer for Normani); Peta/Nick and Heather/Maks Rhumba’ed (couples separately); David/Lindsay redid “Magic Mike”; Rashad/Emma Cha-Cha’ed; Simone/Sasha redid their Contemporary; the sweet Mr. T wore a small Mirrorball dangling from a large chain (reminiscent of “The A-Team”) while he rapped about “Take a chance; you can do it.” Charo didn’t try to dance; instead, she did something very impressive, showing her skills as a longtime award-winning Flamenco guitarist (I loved it).

24-HOUR FUSION DANCE:  Len said, “It’s as much about the will to win as the skill to win.”

  1. David Ross: Foxtrot/Salsa.                                               Judges: 9.  Me: 9.

Well done in choreography and execution. He showed good kicks, hold, form, rise and fall. Sweet guy!


  1. Normani Kordei: Arg. Tango/Foxtrot.                            Judges:10.  Me: 10.

I just learned over the past week that she has some level (?) of a dance background; if it was mentioned during the season, I did not hear it (nor did anyone else I’ve spoken with about her). This fact gives all the more weight to David’s and Rashad’s dance accomplishments from non-dance backgrounds. This girl can kick over her head right in front of your face, effortlessly. This dance was WOW!


  1. Rashad Jennings: Cha-Cha/Tango.                      J           Judges: 10-9-10-10.  Me: 10.

Rashad’s personal story emphasizes “Don’t give up!” on anything that is worthwhile in life. Again tonight, he looked relaxed and happy. He showed that he has learned to finish every arm and hand movement with stunning grace, and that dancing with joy from the heart gives immeasurable joy to others. Afterward, though, Len rained on everyone else’s parade by claiming that Rashad hadn’t been properly in hold (crappy!); as you can see by the scores, no one agreed with him.



3rd Place:  Normani Kordei (many were shocked).

2nd Place:  David Ross.

1st Place/The Winner:  Rashad Jennings!


Woohoo! Mister “Yes, I can!” now can say, “Yes, I won!” Emma’s choreo has been outstanding all season long while she and Rashad built on the strong foundation of their teacher/student relationship. If any duo ever deserved this win based on friendship, respect, and skill, it’s these two. Rashad always radiates from the inside a happiness and respect for the universe; it’s a gift of love and generosity that he shares and makes me, in turn, feel happy and content. What a truly beautiful man/spirit! I would like to spend some time talking with him in person. For now, I’m on cloud 9 with them!


WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?  WHOM DID YOU PICK TO WIN this season of Dancing with the Stars?

DWTS News:

  1. Peta and baby Shai cover the June issue of “Fit Pregnancy and Baby” magazine.
  2. DWTS has been renewed for the fall season this year!


  1. Supposedly, ABC is preparing to offer a version of DWTS for kids. “Dancing with the Stars Junior” supposedly will have celebrity kids and kids of celebs face off in choreographed ballroom routines against junior pro dancers. Tough assignment! I’ll tell you more when I have it.


  1. The Dancing with the Stars “Hot Summer Nights Tour” will kick off on June 16 in Atlantic City. Simone/Sasha, Rashad/Emma, and I don’t yet know who all else will be on it; I’ll post the entire list as soon as I have it, except www.DWTStour.com says that the cast is subject to change. For now, it shows those I’ve/Tom has mentioned, plus Sharna, Lindsay, Artem, Gleb, Keo, Alan, Hayley, and Britt. Gleb and his wife have a new baby arriving very soon, so I wonder whether he’ll be able to tour. I met Emma, Keo, Val, and guest/finalist Alek Skarlatos when they came to Cincinnati on their “Dance All Night” winter tour in January of 2016; they’re all very nice and professional, and Keo is really much taller than he appears on TV (well over six feet). Highly talented and gracious, Keo deserves much more attention.


  1. Reminder: DWTS’ own Derek Hough will sit next to Jennifer Lopez as a judge on her new show, “World of Dance,” starting next Tues., May 30, 10 p.m., on NBC, right after “America’s Got Talent.”

Today’s ballroom pros have SO MANY ADVANTAGES over what my father and other pros had in the 1930s/40s: many more opportunities, easy/fast notification and networking, much more exposure to various types of audiences (TV/various shows, etc.), faster travel, etc. You can learn much more in the biography I wrote, “Dancing in the Stars—Carroll Webster, International Dance Luminary of Vaudeville & Hollywood” (Createspace.com). It’s a compelling and inspirational story of dance, romance, mystery, history, and entertainment. I would be honored for you to read and comment on it.

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