Dancing With The Stars Season 24, FINALS, Night 1

Dancing With The Stars Season 24, Week 10, FINALS, Night 1


It’s Week 10, Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars! Tom and Erin hosted. Carrie Ann Inaba (CAI), Len Goodman, Julianne Hough, and Bruno Tonioli judged.


The Cast:

Val Chmerkovskiy  +  Normani Kordei, Singer

Emma Slater  +  Rashad Jennings, NFL Running Back

Lindsay Arnold  +  David Ross, CHI Cubs Baseball Catcher (won 2016 World Series; retired)

Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 Finals, Night 1, Analysis & Results (May 22, 2017)

This is Finals Week on Dancing with the Stars! Tom and Erin got right down to business by getting the first couple on the dance floor for the first of two dances. The first dance: a redemption of an earlier week. The second dance: The freestyle! The performances were a joy to watch. The judges’ scores were fair.

DANCE #1:  REDEMPTION DANCE (A re-do of an earlier week)

  1. David Ross: Vien. Waltz (Week 4).  Judges: 8-8-9-8.  Me: 9.

David has improved a lot since Week 4 to keep his bum tucked under; still, though, it wasn’t perfect tonight. Nor was his posture. But he was close; still hardworking, sweet, likable, and entertaining.

(Week 4’s scores were: Judges 7-8-8-8; Me 8.)

We have not seen him do:  a Rhumba, a Samba, a Tango, Contemporary, or a Charleston.


  1. Normani Kordei: Modified/Untradl. Quickstep (Week 1).            Judges: 10-9-9-10.  Me: 9.

Normani and Val tried to improve upon Week 1’s Quickstep, which also was modified but much closer to traditional than tonight’s in both content and dress. She executed very well in dress and content that were much too untraditional for my tastes and, so, not quite entertaining enough.

(Week 1’s scores were: Judges 7-6-7-7; Me 7.5—lower than she deserved.)

We have not seen her do:  a Samba, a Tango, a standard Waltz, or a Charleston.


  1. Rashad Jennings: Tradl. Viennese Waltz (Week 2).       Judges: 10.  Me: 10.

Rashad, without any background in dance, was a pretty-good dancer in Week 2 and quickly improved a lot; he has been consistently good while improving and honing the craft all season long. He soon learned to control his ‘football’ hands and size-14 feet. Just recently, he learned to finish every arm movement and to use his hands as a dancer must, both with stunning grace. Tonight’s V. Waltz was beautiful, smooth, graceful, and even a tad sexual but perfectly tasteful while portraying a truly connected and loving couple; it had the required rise and fall in the footwork and was absolutely lovely to watch, unparalleled entertainment. I LOVED IT! Great choreo, Emma! Rashad said that he’s doing his best even more for Emma than for himself. Truly, her choreography has been tops! My DANCE OF THE NIGHT!

(Week 2’s scores were: Judges 8-8-8-8; Me 8.5.)

We have not seen him do:  a Salsa, a Jazz, a standard Waltz, or a Charleston.




  1. David Ross: Dance around Baseball.                                         Judges: 10.  Me: 9.5.

This performance was very cute, esp. in using the bat in unexpected creative ways; for example, as stair-steps, held by a guy at either end, for Lindsay to climb (great job, Lindsay!). In sync and a lot of fun. Len said, “The only thing missing was a beer and a hotdog.” As usual, David gave his all and had a great time. He has improved tremendously to actually become a dancer; his performances have ranged from fair to good and occasionally very good, but we all know that he is not the best dancer there.


  1. Normani Kordei: Contemporary & V. Waltz combo.                             Judges: 10.  Me: 10.

Beautiful, graceful, smooth, expressive, joyful, heartfelt. A joy to watch!


  1. Rashad Jennings: Mainly a combo of Hip-Hop & a little Jive.               Judges: 10.  Me: 10.

Rashad said that he loves the drums and a marching band. He wanted to participate in choreographing this freestyle and ended up doing a lot of it. It was very creative, fast, and cute; a team of male and female troupe members backed them up. It was a celebration, a party in dance. They had a blast, and most or all onlookers seemed to love it. These two always make me feel happy!


NO ELIMINATIONS TONIGHT!  Everything will happen tomorrow night, starting at 8:30 p.m.


WHO MOST DESERVES TO WIN:  Based on both a non-dance background and good-to-excellent dancing all season long, I say: RASHAD!  I’m rooting for Rashad and Emma!


DWTS News:

  1. Last Thursday morning, I believe it was, Simone and Sasha performed on “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” They were as adorable and sweet as ever. Look for them on the DWTS summer tour. Meanwhile, it’s said that they’re supporting Rashad and Emma for the win. Word is that they’ll fly with the other three finalist pairs to New York on Wednesday morning to appear on “Good Morning America.” Simone and Normani are said to have become friends during the show. Plus, Sasha and Emma have a wedding to plan (date TBD)—to be held in probably the USA, England (Emma’s home country), or Australia (Sasha’s).
  1. DWTS Summer Tour: I’ve heard that Val and Normani will NOT participate.
  2. Maks and Peta still plan to wed this summer.
  3. DWTS has been renewed for the fall season this year!


  1. DWTS’ own Mark Ballas opened in “Jersey Boys” last Thurs., May 18, in LA at The Center Theatre Group. In it, Mark reprises his Broadway role as the Four Seasons’ lead singer, Frankie Valli.


  1. David Ross has a book out (with Don Yaeger; May 9, 2017): “Teammate: My Journey in Baseball and a World Series for the Ages.” Available on Amazon.com and probably other large mainstream sources.
  2. Jennifer Lopez’s “World of Dance” show, with Derek Hough as a judge, will premiere next Tues., May 30, at 10 p.m. on NBC (at least 10 episodes for the summer), right after “America’s Got Talent” (season 12, 8 p.m.).


WHAT TO EXPECT TOMORROW NIGHT ON Dancing with the Stars:  8:30 p.m. As usual, the contestants will do another dance, which sometimes is assigned by the judges. Maybe two.

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