Dancing With The Stars Season 22: Week 10 Analysis

Dancing With The Stars Season 22: Week 10 Analysis


Nyle Dimarco:  Deaf actor; an “America’s Next Top Model.” Pro partner: Peta Murgatroyd.

Paige VanZant: UFC straw-wt. mixed martial arts; lifelong dancer. Pro partner: Mark Ballas.

Ginger Zee: ABC GMA chief meteorologist, new mom. Pro partner: Val Chmerkovskiy.

Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 Analysis

It’s Finals Week on Dancing With The Stars! Two nights of pull-out-all-the-stops dancing.  Two dances per couple.  Will the freestyle make all the difference?

  1. Ginger Zee: Contemporary. Judges’ scores 9-10-9. My score 9.

The positive: A beautiful story, flowing, smooth. Excellent lifts. Very pretty, pleasant, and enjoyable.

The negative: Only the first lift was rather difficult. Otherwise, the dance was rather easy and somewhat repetitious.

Freestyle.                                            Judges’ score 10.  My score 10.

The positive: A 1940s Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers joyful imitation of excellent choreography and execution.  Classy and elegant yet also fun and cute.  Quite a bit more demanding than the first dance in terms of choreography, sync., and overall execution.


  1. Nyle Dimarco: Quickstep. Judges’ score 9. My score 9.5.

The positive: Fun, happy & carefree. Good posture. Looked VG/impressive to me.

The negative: The judges said that they saw a few tiny footwork/timing mistakes.

Freestyle.                                            Judges’ score 10.  My score 10.

The positive: The dance to the new version of “The Sounds of Silence.”  Immediately dramatic & powerful! Ultra-creative; one of the most-creative and best ever in representing a certain song. It’s especially effective for and likely important to the deaf, but it’s also enjoyable for anyone else.  I cried and loved it. Memorable!  I predict that people will imitate this one. The dance of the night (DOTN)!


  1. Paige VanZant: Salsa. Judges’ scores 10-9-10.  My score 9.75.

The positive: Festive/celebratory, confident, sexy, mostly traditional choreo., tight/precise footwork.  Mark and Paige are fab together; he brings out the best in her and makes her feel confident and as though she can do just about anything—and she CAN.

The negative: The judges said that Mark did not incorporate enough hip action.  I watched it again; it had much more hip action in the first half, which I’m okay with, so the second half could have had more hip action replacing some lifts/flips and arm actions.

Freestyle.                                            Judges’ score 10.  My score 10.

The positive: Exquisitely yet simply beautiful, intricate choreography! A combo of contemporary, ballet, and more. Beautiful, elegant, perfect lines, esp. in arms/hands and pointed toes. Gorgeously graceful! I loved it and cried while celebrating with them.  Even Mark cried!  Runner-up DOTN!


WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT? No one!  Tonight was the last time that America will vote during this season.  The dancers will dance again tomorrow night for the judges’ votes; their votes will be combined with America’s from tonight to decide this season’s winner.


WHO SHOULD WIN?  WHAT IS MY RANKING/PREDICTION?  Nyle, at an indescribable disadvantage in being deaf but consistently performing nearly flawlessly, should win.  Paige second.  Ginger third.   I can’t wait for tomorrow night!

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