Frequent Pro Sasha Farber will have less work to do on the show this season as a troupe member so that he can also work on and line up other projects. Like, maybe helping to plan his wedding to Emma Slater?  I’m eager to see Season 24 winner pro Emma Slater dance with new celeb partner Drew Scott; I think they could do pretty well.

Dance veteran Debbie Gibson has been recovering from Lyme disease, which can be very serious. Pro partner Alan Bersten is taking good care of her. Her decades in fitness probably help a lot, too.

It’s been said that Terrell Owens once won a Michael Jackson dance contest. He really seems to be a good, upstanding guy. I’d say that, paired with longtime Dancing with the Stars pro and Mirrorball Trophy-winner Cheryl Burke, he could have a good chance of going long toward a win. I’m guessing that they’ll stay more toward the center of the pack for a while and then move forward.

Violinist Lindsey Stirling may have an advantage or two over other celeb competitors this season. One, she’s paired with ultra-creative pro Mark Ballas. Two, her knowledge of music could help her to learn dance moves easier and faster. Three, she has some degree of a dance background. I think she’ll do well. Watch for her new Christmas/holiday album, “Warmer in the Winter,” to come out Oct. 20. I’ll be first in line! After Season 25 ends, she’ll do a Christmas tour to promo the album.

The Houghs and Mark Ballas are even busier than they used to be!  Siblings Derek and Julianne Hough ALWAYS have lots going on!  Derek has theater, TV, and maybe even movie deals; that’s after and probably also while he judged on “World of Dance” this summer. How/when does he have time for social and romantic lives? Julianne is dealing with life changes as a newlywed; I’m not sure what all she has lined up professionally except that the word is that she will not be on the judging panel this time.  Mark is still a newlywed, he’s a DWTS pro this season, and he always has music projects going, too, with wife BC Jean. I can’t imagine how they manage to do all that they do, but somehow they do, probably with personal assistants, sheer determination, and love for their careers.



Do any of you favorite couples so far?  Are you predicting which couples will go all the way to the finals? Are you set on a winner already for Season 25 of Dancing with the Stars ?  If so, tell us in the Comments section and we’ll get some great conversations going.



Dancing with the Stars producers have some extra, very-fun theme nights planned for all of us this season. It all starts happening tomorrow, folks!  R U ready?

Week 1 last season featured a lot of cha-chas; look for this again, along with early foxtrots, a salsa or two, and, what!?, a tango or two. Week 1 is usually way too early for much success in a tango, but we’ll see what they have.

Woot-woot!  Get your dancin’ shoes on! And don’t forget your shades against the glam.


Come back on Tuesday for comments and news and to share your thoughts on Monday night’s show.

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