Judge Derek:  Did anyone else get to watch the first episode, last week, of Jennifer Lopez’s “World of Dance” show (10 p.m. on NBC)? If so, what did you think of it? Fantastic dance expression, for sure! Judge Derek Hough, our own Dancing with the Stars mega talent,  was as sweet as ever. I didn’t always agree with the judges’ comments and scoring, though. My fave dance was the one by the married couple, which was cute and fun while expressing their love. The 11-year-old girl dancer/contortionist who performs with tremendous heart for dance was something to behold, too. I’ll watch our recording of last night’s episode at some point this week and then report on that.

Maks and Peta:  I read a while back comments from both Maks and Peta saying that they wanted to spend $1 million on their wedding.  $1 million! Why $1 million? Even in LA, that money could buy a nice house. Oh, well, it’s their hard-earned money. Reminder: The wedding is July 8. May they and Baby Shai be healthy and happy!

Mark Ballas:  Dancing with the Stars’ Mark Ballas and singer-songwriter wife BC Jean together have a new EP coming out shortly. Word is also that they plan to go on tour this summer with R5. Like R5? If so, get it all in one show. Enjoy!

DWTS Pros:  Even when the DWTS pros are and aren’t in season, they’re touring with DWTS or other dance groups, attending red-carpet events, and doing many other things both artistic and domestic. Do these people ever really get enough rest?! True, they’re professional athletes and in great shape. Even so, sufficient rest for body and brain is critical.

DWTS Fall Season Wish List:  Have you ever hoped to see certain celebrities dance on DWTS? Are you sometimes disappointed when your favorite pro is absent for a season or two? Let’s talk about it. Think about celebs from some of the TV shows and movies you’ve liked recently, or over the past 10-20 years, and maybe produce a list of both male and female celebs you’d like to see compete on the show. And, which pros can you not wait to see again? I’d like to see pro Keo get some well-deserved teaching time with a celeb who’s really worthy of him. Also, I’m having withdrawal symptoms for the patient, tactful and ultra-talented Tony. Wouldn’t it also be nice to have Kym back for another consecutive season? Who’s on your lists? Let’s try to compose our pro and celeb wish lists by mid-July, and then maybe I can try to get them to the producers (for whatever that might be worth).

Don’t know much about the Ballas and Hough families? I’ll include a fascinating summary for you in an upcoming post.

Keep your dancing shoes on and stay tuned!


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