Hello, again, Dancing with the Stars fans! I hope that your week is going well.

The Hough and Ballas Families: Last week I promised to follow up by telling you about the Hough and Ballas families. What I actually meant was that I’d tell you how they’re connected. Not by blood, but rather by years of circumstances that seem to have made them become as close as blood-family members.

Let’s start by remembering this spring’s season of Dancing with the Stars, when Derek and Julianne performed an exquisite and emotionally charged dance about their parents’ divorce when they were growing up in Utah with three other siblings. In the referenced year, 1999, the parents sent Julianne (the youngest) and Derek to London to live and study with their dance coaches. Who were those coaches? Corky and Shirley Ballas, Mark’s parents! The Ballases participated in tutoring all three kids. The kids were trained in various forms of dance and gymnastics, in singing, and in theater. Just a few years later, the three formed 2B1G (2 Boys, 1 Girl), a pop-music trio that they took to a UK TV show and to dance competitions in the UK and the U.S. These three extremely talented performers have been through a lot and on stages since they were kids, with Julianne competing since she was only nine.

(BTW, you may recall that Corky Ballas served as dance pro one season to actress/comedienne Cloris Leachman. As a funny guy, he was a good match for her.)

The connection between the Houghs and the Ballases evidently will be for life in dance and in music and song. Derek and Julianne are second cousins of musicians Riker, Rydel, Rocky, and Ross Lynch from R5. Remember when blond Riker competed on DWTS a few seasons ago with Allison Holker as his pro? I liked him a lot, and he did very well. Adopted family member Mark Ballas and his wife BC Jean will tour with R5 this summer—cool! We’ve heard Mark and Julianne sing; even though Derek, too, sings, I have yet to hear him. Have any of you heard Derek sing?


Gleb’s New Baby:  I haven’t found a straight answer about when the new baby is due. Last September a story reported the pregnancy, which would have the baby either born by now or coming around the corner.  But then a report in March of this year said that it’s due in August. Stay tuned.

“World of Dance”:  This is the new summer show’s third week. Derek judges with JLo and Ne-Yo, with the lovely JLo between the guys. Derek, who also has a background in judging, is always fair, tactful, and entertaining. The talent is awesome! Although I don’t always like the dance styles, I always applaud genuine, deeply-felt artistic expression. Have you watched it? What did you think of it?


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