Welcome back!   It’s Week 10, night 1 of the FINALE of Season 25–Monday, November 20, 2017!  Tom and Erin hosted. Carrie Ann Inaba (CAI), Len Goodman, Julianne Hough, and Bruno Tonioli judged THE FINALS!



  1. “Property Brothers” Drew Scott & pro Emma Slater (1-800-868-3404)
  2. Actor Frankie Muniz (formerly “Malcolm”) & pro Witney Carson (1-800-868-3405)
  3. Actor/Singer/Dancer Jordan Fisher & pro Lindsay Arnold (1-800-868-3406)
  4. Electronic Violinist Lindsey Stirling & pro Mark Ballas* (1-800-868-3407)

*(2-Time MBT winner)

Ballroom & Latin Dances: Foxtrot, Quickstep, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, Tango, Argentine Tango, Jive, Jazz, Charleston, Contemporary; Cha-Cha, Samba, Salsa, Rumba, Paso Doble.  “Learn the dance, learn the steps, then learn the character of it.” — Len Goodman


Mon., Nov. 20, 2017:   The show opened with many pros and a few troupers dancing together to a number choreographed by Mandy Moore. Each couple will do two dances.


FIRST DANCE:  A Redemption Dance, Each Coached by One of the Judges


  1. Drew Scott + Emma: Paso Doble with Bruno as Coach. Judges: 9. Me 9.  Drew  opened with 10 or 15 seconds of a solo, after which Emma danced in from across the floor and joined him.  Much improved in posture, Paso requirements, footwork, and confidence!  To me, he is the most improved. Watching them has given me much joy this season.


  1. Frankie + Whitney: Foxtrot with CAI as Coach.  Judges: 10,9,10,9. Me: 9.5.  Frankie opened in an excellent solo to a Frank Sinatra song before being joined by Witney in a Golden Age of Hollywood Foxtrot. He looked quite accomplished, confident, and as cute and sweet as ever. Yes, it was adorable again and happy and smooth. Very enjoyable!


Pitbull and Fifth Harmony (including Normani Kordei, who competed with Val a season or two ago) performed together, singing Fifth’s latest single, “Por Favor,” accompanied by female pro dancers.


  1. Jordan + Lindsay: Charleston with Len as Coach.  Judges: 10. Me: 10.   Talk about energetic and super-fast!  It was SO MUCH BETTER THAN THEIR FIRST CHARLESTON!  It was filled with Charleston content, except the knee-crossing, Lindy Hop, each of them jumping over the other’s shoulders from back to front, and more.  And the hot-pink outfits (shoes, too!)—loved it all!  In my opinion, Lindsay still has the best legs of all the female dancers.


Tom introduced longtime singer Lionel Richie, who will be one of three judges when “American Idol” returns 11 March 2018.  He announced the winner from among three females who competed on the American Music Awards on 19 Nov., Sunday night; the winner will go straight to Hollywood Week on “Idol.”


  1. Lindsey + Mark: Quickstep with Julianne as Coach.   Judges 10.  Me 10.   Proper, joyful, fun; fast yet smooth and controlled and elegant.  These two have been practicing their Dancing with the Stars numbers while also performing together on tour in the U.S.—on top of her recuperating from her rib injury; those are major multiple accomplishments!


Julianne Hough performed to “Wouldn’t Change Anything,” which was written/recorded and then sung in person by Mark’s wife, Alexander ‘BC’ Jean (from BC’s album, “High Enough”) to present the story of a female choreographer who is fighting terminal illness. It was stunning!  That choreographer is the one who worked with Julianne on this dance.





  1. Drew Scott + Emma: Charleston+ Team Dance.  Judges: 9, 10,10,10.  Me: 9.   It was a team dance that was energetic, joyful, fun, athletic–Charleston, Lindy Hop, Jazz. His timing was on-target most of the time, and the lifts and such were great.  Excellent job!  However, as soon as I saw that she was putting him in a team setting, I was worried because he had problems all season long with timing in the team setting; it proved to be a mistake tonight for the freestyle.  All along she has been an outstanding choreographer, until this freestyle.  She would have done much better to have choreographed a combo of all dance styles she taught him this season.  I’m sad to say that this was the weakest freestyle tonight.


  1. Frankie + Whitney: Paso Doble.  Judges: 9,9,10,10.  Me: 9.5.   Frankie danced WITH Witney; he did not follow her or show dependency on her.  Their Paso was demanding, dramatic, powerful, and proper.  Well done!  I wished, though, that she had developed a freestyle containing all of the dances that she taught him this season.


  1. Jordan + Lindsay: Old Hollywood Show Stopper.  Judges: 10. Me: 10.  This dance had the cane and soft-shoe, Charleston, spins, flips, and more.  WOW! Loved it! I think my father, a pro ballroom dancer in the 1930s/1940s*, would have loved it, too. As fab as it was and as much as I love both of them, I think they should have done a combo of all dances he learned.


  1. Lindsey + Mark: Everything!  Judges 10.  Me 10.   It brought both of them as orchestral conductors doing all styles of dance that she learned this season, , flips and spins, and even Lindsey playing her violin while dancing and being carried/flipped over Mark’s shoulder. It was a creative, adorable, thoroughly enjoyable story that I didn’t want to end. Loved it! MY Dancing With The Stars DANCE OF THE NIGHT in this round!  MY #1 Dancing With The Stars DANCE OF THE ENTIRE NIGHT! 


*Presented in the biography I wrote of his life, “Dancing in the Stars: Carroll Webster, International Dance Luminary of Vaudeville and Hollywood.”


WHO WAS IN JEOPARDY?  Drew and Frankie. 

WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT?  Drew, which I’d figured was probable.


Jordan came to DWTS as an experienced dancer/singer from Broadway, a clear advantage over the remaining contestants. By contrast, Drew, Frankie, and Lindsey had zero dance training; so, they have had to work harder and have achieved more than Jordan.


WHO SHOULD WIN?  Lindsey Stirling, who had no dance experience and overcame serious injuries, gets my vote.




Host/Team:  Dancing with the Stars’ host Tom Bergeron, celebs, and pros (at least Keo, Sharna, Gleb, and Victoria Arlen) visited and danced for the LA Children’s Hospital on 16 November.

Julianne Hough:   BIG NEWS:  (1) Juliane will STAR in and EXECUTIVE-PRODUCE a single-camera Fox put-pilot TV comedy (in association with 20th Century Fox Television), “One Hit Wendy,” as “Wendy, a one hit wonder who peaked at 18 as she tries to guide her talented niece, Jordan, through the music industry and keep her from making the same mistakes she did.”  (2) She also has a new movie coming out titled, “Bigger.”

Wedding Plans:   Emma Slater and fiancé Sasha Farber have finally set an  undisclosed wedding date. Emma and also-engaged dance partner Drew Scott have joked about having a double wedding.



WHAT TO EXPECT TOMORROW NIGHT:  TUESDAY, NOV. 21 (9:00-11:00 p.m. EST):  All 13 couples will return in a Christmas spectacular both at The Grove (outdoors) and in the ballroom, as usual.

Each couple will do two dances: (1)  a repeat of their fave this season; (2) the usual “24-Hour Fusion Challenge” (a new routine fusing two contrasting dance styles, prepared just since last evening).

A new voting option:  After the couples finish both dances, the public may vote online via ABC.com at http://dwtsvote.abc.go.com/ and Facebook at http://bit.ly/2o1VO7b five votes per voting method for about five minutes during the live broadcast in Eastern and Central times by voters who are physically present within the U.S. or Puerto Rico to vote on ABC.com (in Canada, via Facebook only).

 Also, performances by:

  • Contestants: Nick Lachey doing a new ballad, “Someone to Dance With,” which he recorded to document his “Dancing” journey (available on streaming services everywhere starting Nov. 17); Lindsey Stirling (and Becky G) bringing “Christmas C’Mon,” from Lindsey’s new holiday album, “Warmer in the Winter”; Jordan Fisher and Debbie Gibson singing “Sleigh Ride”/”What Christmas Means to Me.”
  • Others: Kelsea Ballerini singing “Legends,” from her latest album.
  • Some of the pros doing a special number from the upcoming Dancing with the Stars: Live! Light Up the Night tour.

A NEW CHAMPION!  Judges’ points + Nov. 20 viewer votes + Tues. night’s judges’ points + online-only viewer votes from the repeat dances and the “24-Hour Fusion Challenge” = THE WINNER with the Mirrorball trophy, announced at the end of the show at The Grove.

LET’S GET IT GOING ABOUT Dancing with the Stars!



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