Dancing With The Stars Season 24, Week 8 Results

Dancing With The Stars Season 24, Week 8 Results


It’s Week 8, Season 24 of Dancing with the Stars! Tom and Erin hosted. Carrie Ann Inaba (CAI), Len Goodman, Julianne Hough, and Bruno Tonioli judged.


The Cast:

Val Chmerkovskiy     Normani Kordei, Singer

Sasha Farber  +  Simone Biles, U.S. Olympic Gymnast (most-decorated)

Sharna Burgess  +  Bonner Bolton, Pro Bull Rider/Model

Emma Slater  +  Rashad Jennings, NFL Running Back

Lindsay Arnold  +  David Ross, CHI Cubs Baseball Catcher (won 2016 World Series; retired)

Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Analysis & Results (May 8, 2017)

This is Trio Round Week on Dancing with the Stars! The 5 remaining couples performed knowing that only one of them would go home. A few performances were WOW! One was only pretty good. The judges’ scores were fair most of the way. Some couples got post-dance interviews with Erin.

  1. Rashad Jennings: Traditional Jive.            Judges: 9.  Me: 9.5.

The positive:  (Sorry that I forgot to note the song.) The dance was lively, joyful, creative, cute, and very well done. I loved it!

The negative/work on:  Rashad’s flicks/kicks should’ve been more energetic, sharper and higher. Yes, they should be by now, and as soon as he aces this, he could get all 10’s every time because everything else is FAB!

He’s due for:  a Rhumba, a Samba, a Salsa, a Jazz, a Quickstep, a standard Waltz, or a Charleston.


  1. Normani Kordei: Tradl. Contemporary.    Judges: 10.  Me: 10.

The positive:  “Freedom” from bullying and to accept oneself. Intensely physical and expressive in every way. Superb storytelling in superb choreography! Again, she danced at pro level. THIS girl is the real deal! WOW! I loved it! Again, Val’s choreo should be nominated for an award. #2 DANCE OF THE NIGHT (just because I enjoyed my #1 DOTN even more). Julianne said that Normani has grown so far and way beyond since Week 1; I say that’s BS–with me, Normani came in at a 7.5 (probably only because of how Val’s choreo landed that first week), shot straight up to a 9, and has stayed at 9’s and 10’s.

She’s due for:  a Samba, a Tango, a Jazz, a standard Waltz, a Viennese Waltz, or a Charleston.


  1. Bonner Bolton: Tradl. Arg. Tango.           Judges: 8-7-8-7.  Me: 8.5.

The positive:  “Believer.” Sharna chose this song in reference to the life-altering bull-riding accident that left Bonner paralyzed only 16 months ago. He had a mere 1% to 5% chance to just walk again!  But somehow he has gone on to live normally  again and to go way beyond as a viable contestant on Dancing with the Stars! What an inspiration! This sweet young gentleman is now light-years ahead of what he was able to show us in Week 1. Because of the injuries he sustained to his spine, he cannot lift Sharna or do any other moves that would pull downward on his spine. This week he did a pretty-good Arg. Tango: great timing, correct technique, dramatic facial expressions, and very entertaining. I enjoyed it. Len did NOT have to say that Bonner should have been voted out already—awful!

The negative/work on:  The dance was just a tad stiff, not quite as fluid and sexy as Rashad’s Tangos; so, loosen up fully if you can—step out of your sweet southern-gent upbringing for 90 seconds.

He’s due for:  a Samba, a Salsa, a Jive, a Quickstep, a standard Waltz, or a Contemporary.


  1. Simone Biles: Tradl. Foxtrot.                       Judges: 9.  Me: 8.5.

The positive:  “You’re Beautiful.” She’s adorable! Her dancing, although always technically perfect (or nearly so), still fell a little short (pun not intended). The dance was energetic, fun, well done, and finally without gymnastics (thank you!). Not special, unique, or memorable, though.

The negative/work onAs I’ve said all season, immerse yourself completely; lose yourself in the music and the dance! When we see that (the judges and I agree), we’ll probably recognize it and note the difference in the quality of your dancing.

She’s due for:  a Salsa, a Rhumba, an Arg. Tango (maybe), a Jive, a Jazz, a standard Waltz.


  1. David Ross: Traditional Waltz.                     Judges: 9.  Me: 9.

The positive:  “Humble and Kind.” Lindsay’s choreography was beautiful and heartwarming. Outstanding job,  Lindsay! It was a beautiful, flowing, loving, poignant, and endearing father-daughter dance. For a bit, David danced with Lindsay’s feet on top of his—so cute. He missed no steps, and his timing was nearly perfect. I loved it!

The negative/work on: Needs to maintain controlled footwork, posture, and proper technique while avoiding being flatfooted occasionally.

Yet again, NO Erin time.

He’s due for:  a Rhumba, a Samba, a regular Tango (maybe), a Foxtrot, Contemporary, or a Charleston.



THE TRIO DANCE ROUNDS:  The winner of each probably got 2 points added to his or her score (if Tom said it, I was writing and missed it).

**Rashad and Emma with Witney in the Paso Doble (the girls called it “Menage-a-shad”):  As always, Rashad was immediately charismatic and captivating. The dance was passionate, sexy/hot, and excellently done—a jolt of entertainment. In the Paso, the male is supposed to be in charge, and Rashad was! He even picked up a girl in each arm and carried them both for a bit. He has it all, pulls us right in, makes it all look easy, and then drops us back into drudgery, longing for more. WOW! I LOVED IT! My #1 DANCE OF THE NIGHT!  Judges: 10-9-10-10. Me: 10.


**Normani and Val with Alan (the Troupe) in the Jive (country style):  Energetic, sharp, free, fun, all in, joyful, and fully captivating, with Normani adding some head-banging. WOW! Me: 9. (In the pre-dance package, Normani said that Bonner is hot and the ideal southern gentleman. I agree.)  Judges: 10-9-10-10.


** Bonner and Sharna with Britt (the Troupe) in the Jazz:  Bonner looked more confident and relaxed than he has been during some weeks, his timing was spot-on, and he even did a few sexy moves; if he hadn’t appeared a little stiff and if he could have fully escaped his southern-gentleman upbringing for 90 seconds, this could have been the hottest dance of the night.  Judges: 9. Me: 9.


**Simone and Sasha with Brittany Cherry (the Troupe) in the Paso Doble:  Simone showed the required large, open, rounded, and well-timed movements with dramatic expressions. She needs to learn that her arm movements should have rounded upward from the center (flamenco). (NO Erin time) Judges: 9. Me: 9.


**David and Lindsay with Haley (the Troupe) in the Paso Doble:  David had the serious face on and good timing while handling the girls quite well, but his required Paso movements were quite off target, rough, awkward, lacking, and painful to watch (even way worse than his leg/foot stomps were his arms) ; they were not large, not open, and not rounded in any way. He had fun, though, and then handled the judges’ comments well. He and Bonner got the same score, but Bonner’s Jazz was actually much better. (NO Erin time) Judges: 7-7-8-7 Me: 7.


Simone’s dances are technically better and sharper than Bonner’s and David’s, but they’re rarely as complete and as entertaining. Her dances especially fall short of Rashad’s and Normani’s. Rashad still has a bit of trouble with his footwork at times (mostly just a lack of bounce/energy and sharpness in the Jive), but everything else about his dances continues to captivate me on the first note, enthrall me, and leave me eager for more. He has an honest WYSIWYG charisma that radiates easily from the inside to everything and everyone around him and through the TV screen to us. That’s a beautiful spirit, y’all! Rashad and Normani deserve to be and should be the winner and the runner-up on Dancing with the Stars!, in whichever order.


WHO WAS ELIMINATED THIS WEEK?  Bonner. Sweet, cute, WYSIWYG eye-candy. I miss him already! He and Sharna will participate in the summer tour!




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