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Dancing With The Stars Competes on Family Feud

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Dancing With The Stars, 15 July 2015 A few days ago, on the 11th, ABC aired the “Family Feud” faceoff between DWTS and a team from “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.”  DWTS was represented by Karina, Anna, Sasha, Witney, and Allison.  Leading her team, Karina danced with host Steve Harvey before kicking off the competition.  She had good answers, some of the best on her team.  One ‘question’ was, “Name a place to make love that is not as enjoyable as in the movies.”  One of the funniest moments was when Witney answered “The floor” with an I-don’t-know attitude.  Allison answered, “Not that I’m answering from experience, but the laundry room.”  Neither of those answers was on the board.  If you recorded this segment of the show, I consider it worth watching to find out which team...

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Dancing With The Stars News: 27 June 2015

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Dancing With The Stars News: 27 June 2015 According to “Us Weekly”:  Recent Mirrorball Trophy winner Rumer Willis fractured her right foot on Wednesday and is in a walking-cast.  She says it isn’t a really bad injury but that she does have to rest the foot and recover in order to continue on the DWTS Live! Perfect 10 tour.  She thinks she’ll be able to dance again toward the end of the 40-city tour.  Meanwhile, she’s excited to sing for fans whenever she can on the tour, which is scheduled to end on August 11. Read more: By the way, I was just thinking, too, about Noah Galloway.  At the start of the spring season he was introduced as being “disabled.”  Now that we’ve seen him dance and witnessed his across-the-board can-do attitude, I wouldn’t call him disabled.  Would you?  He’s actually quite able, amazing, and wonderful!  How about if we downgrade and expand that one-word description to “partially physically impaired”?  Got any better ideas? P.S.  If you want to know more about the life of a ballroom dancer in the 1930s/40s, please check out my book, “Dancing in the Stars: Carroll Webster, International Dance Luminary of Vaudeville and Hollywood,” available from  Some readers report back, with comments such as: “It’s a fascinating story!  I learned so much about a dancer’s life on the road and how this man’s life worked into the history of the times and with famous people.  I loved it—it’s great!  Well done!”  Thank you!  Enjoy. And don’t forget that our dancers are on the road and on the high seas.  See whether they’re coming to a city near you....

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Dancing With The Stars News: 25 June 2015

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Dancing With The Stars News: 25 June 2015   When interviewed right after the win, Rumer thanked her mom for rallying so many people behind her and Val.  Val said, “We didn’t have a million followers,” seeming to indicate that certain others did.  He’s glad to have his name “written down as a contributing member of a wonderful show and to be recognized as part of the family.” He’s also glad for the timing of the win, to have won with Rumer instead of earlier with someone else. Rumer recently got a new tattoo—on her left arm, it appeared to me, as a reminder of her DWTS experience.  The tattoo is a sketch of one of her performances.  She said on Instagram, “Thank you @dr_woo_ssc for this beautiful art. I got this as a reminder that what we are searching for can only be found within yourself….not from your job, how much money you make, who your dating, how many followers you have. The value and love you have for yourself can only come from within and I am so grateful to have had such an incredible experience to help me understand that.”  In addition, ballroom dancing has become her dancing regime.  Of it, she said to People’s TV Watch,”I just found such a love for dancing. If anybody would love to just feel great, not just physically but you want to feel such confidence, just go and take ballroom dancing class! I love it more than any kind of workout.” ( According to, Rumer will be a part of many of the shows on the Dancing with the Stars: Live! Perfect 10 Tour this summer.  She said, “Val and I were lucky enough to have incredible fans that supported us throughout the entire show, and they are the reason we won. I can’t wait to meet the fans and perform for them live. My other passion is music, and I’m looking forward to singing live during the show and accompanying the best dancers in the world.”   Noah said, “I couldn’t have asked for more” in making the DWTS finals.   In an interview with “Men’s Health” mag, as the winner of their first Ultimate Guy contest (2014) and a finalist in the spring 2015 DWTS competition, he said, “Making it to the finals was a surprise and an honor, so that was perfect. Everyone asks me if I will dance after this. And I say, ‘No, because I’m not a dancer.’ People are still saying to me, ‘You should’ve won.’ So even better than winning it, for me, was that everyone behind the scenes—like the guys who set the stages and the people in hair and makeup—were telling me that I was their favorite.” He added, “I carry myself better now. I move better now. And I walk more gracefully, which is huge. All because I had to learn to balance myself for the dances. I’ve always worked hard to walk as normal as possible, so to know that ten years later I’ve improved it again? I couldn’t have asked for more.” Of the high-tech prosthetic arm that was made for him during his DWTS season, he said, “. . . The arm is something I will definitely wear in the future, but there was no way I was...

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19May2015 Dancing With The Stars: SEASON 20 (Tenth-Year) FINALE: Who Won the Golden Mirrorball Trophy?

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19May2015 Dancing With The Stars:  SEASON 20 (Tenth-Year) FINALE: Who Won the Golden Mirrorball Trophy? Riker, Rumer, and Noah in THE FINALS of “Dancing With The Stars”! Last night we watched as each contestant did two dances. Tonight each had to do another dance, a fusion that they devised in only 24 hours, to earn the judges’ top votes, with viewers’ votes counting for half. But first, tonight’s highlights: All of the eliminated contestants returned and performed, even two from last year (Sadie Robertson and winner Alfonso Ribeiri). With Alfonso by his side, Tom announced that he’s stepping down after 15 years as host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and Alfonso will take his place—the fun and great humor will continue. Congrats, Alfonso! Tom prefaced Robert and Kym’s cha-cha with another reminder of their amazing chemistry. When guest singer Jason Derulo performed, Emma was the key female with him; when they finished, Tom said, “In rehearsal Emma actually melted two wind machines” (LOL). Derek with former contestant Amy Purdy and Sharna with Noah performed together. Derek/Sasha and Nastia rehashed their darling subway dance; Derek probably will win an award for that choreography. Fifth Harmony girl singers performed “Worth It.” Derek and Julianne danced together as brother and sister to Sia’s “Elastic Heart”—intense and fabulous! RedFoo was as entertaining as ever, and the crabs returned. Noah Galloway: Cha-cha & Argentine Tango. Judges’ scores 10/9/9/9. My score 9.5. Noah did two amazing one-arm lifts—the first from their week-4 contemporary and the second from their week-3 Arg. Tango, I think.  All was merged well and beautiful.  Bruno said, “You are legend.”  Carrie Ann said, “You changed people’s lives forever.”  Afterward, Riker told Noah that he killed that dance.  What’s not to love?   Riker Lynch: Salsa & Quickstep. Judges’ scores 10/10/10/10. My score 10. Riker said, “I’ve done things I never really thought I could do.”  Their fusion was so cool, a seamless combo.  Loved it.  Carrie Ann said, “I have loved every moment of watching you dance.”  I have, too.  Who could have predicted that this sweet, dedicated young man could learn to dance so well and seemingly so easily?  He’s knocked our socks off all season long.  I’ve loved him and Allison since night one, and rooted for them and Rumer/Val, for obvious reasons, the entire season.  Again, although their freestyle last night was conceived, choreographed and performed superbly, and I think Allison was going for the “Wow–this hasn’t been done before!” factor, I still believe that a fusion of the dances Riker learned throughout the season would have been more appropriate.   Rumer Willis: Foxtrot & Paso.     Judges’ scores 10/10/10/10.  My score 10. Again, both of Rumer’s parents were there, just not sitting together. Dad Bruce smiled the entire time, I think. Rumer said, “I am a completely different person than I was three months ago.”  The precision and beauty were as striking as always. Wonderful! Carrie Ann said, “You are just the real deal.”  Len said, “You are as good as anyone who’s ever been on DWTS.”  Erin said, “Come back and perform every year!”  I agree!   Patti sang, “Two Steps Away.”  Great job, Patti!  BTW, Patti’s going on tour this summer.   DANCE OF THE NIGHT:  (1) Rumer & Val, (2) Riker & Allison, (3) Noah...

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18May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 FINALS Analysis

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18May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 FINALS Analysis The “Road to the Finals” special that aired on Saturday, May 16, at 8 p.m. showcased our three finalists–Riker, Rumer, and Noah–along the way, showed them answering questions for fans, and showed in unedited honesty the quality of their relationships with their pro partners.  We’d seen most of it before in bits over the weeks, but it was nice to see again.     Now, we’re watching THE FINALS of “Dancing With The Stars”! Each contestant did two dances tonight. America has a tough job to decide a winner, and the contestants have another dance, a fusion, to do on Tuesday night. I dialed and redialed and redialed in an attempt to submit my vote, until nearly 11:00, but I couldn’t get through. Noah Galloway: Argentine Tango/Freestyle. Judges’ scores 8/10. My scores 8/10. The positive: Arg. Tango: I could see nervousness in Noah’s face right before they hit the floor this time.  Noah and Sharna redid and improved upon their original Arg. Tango from week three.  Great technique and lifts, especially.  They were perfectly in sync nearly all the way, with Noah goofing just a little during the last while.  What chemistry! The negative: Arg. Tango: Too excited and happy, Noah couldn’t quite meet the requirement of showing dramatic facial expressions during the dance, but that’s okay. The positive:  Freestyle:  Again, the incredible choreo. involved several other dancers, both male and female, to assist in representing Noah’s story of struggle: intense, very physical but well controlled and timed, dramat. The warrior still reigns in every way.  Everyone appears to love Noah, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever seen on TV.  You were crying too, right?  At the moment, despite my extensive vocabulary, I can’t find the words to describe what this man has accomplished and how significantly he has affected others in his mild-mannered way with his life-altering story.  “Incredible” and “amazing” are overused.  How do you describe it?   Riker Lynch: ‘Pirate’ Paso/Freestyle. Judges’ scores 10/10. My scores 10/10. The positive: Paso: As we saw originally in week 5, the choreography, with Riker as pirate Jack Sparrow, was extremely difficult, sharp, crisp, intense, energetic, dramatic, passionate, every step in sync., and somehow even better than in week 5.  Top-drawer, expertly executed at pro level! I could see that Riker was pushing himself even harder than before.  Like Len, I was on my feet saying, “I loved it!”  Will watch it again and again! The positive: Freestyle: Like a scene from a 1930s Hollywood musical: showy, rhythmic, good music and good dancing; classic, classy, and smooth; in sync. Lovely to see the 1930s represented, as well as to see it end on a modern note. Well-done and professional! The negative: Freestyle: Although I was very impressed by what they did, they did not do anything wrong, and it probably was a first for a freestyle, I was a tad disappointed because I had expected a combo of styles; something about it didn’t feel quite right to me, even though they danced excellently, so it was my least-favorite dance of the night. Nothing against either of them, though.  I’d love to watch them dance together every day if I could!   Rumer Willis: Foxtrot/Argentine Tango. Judges’ scores 10/10. My scores 10/10....

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 9 Events & Analysis

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11-12May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 9 Events & Analysis It’s SEMIFINALS Week on “Dancing With The Stars”! OUR FINAL FOUR:  Riker, Rumer, Noah, and Nastia! Each contestant did two dances; for each, one dance was at least partially choreographed and blessed by one of the judges. The entire night looked like the finals instead of the semi-finals. How is America supposed to choose who will be in the finals next week?  How can we choose one ‘winner’?  You won’t believe who was sent home! Actress Rumer Willis: V. Waltz/Contemp. Fusion. Judges’ scores 9.75/10. My scores 10/10. Her mom (Demi) was there; too bad that her dad (Bruce) had to be absent again. The positive: Viennese Waltz: Flowing, elegant, lyrical, graceful!  Stunningly beautiful! Perfect footwork/form/musicality/rhythm/sync.  Excellent acting. The negative: Viennese Waltz: A bit untraditional; unusually intense, passionate, sexy. The positive:  Contemporary Fusion: Bruno choreographed a “Swan Lake” ballet that showed moments of waltz, tango, and, if I recall, paso.  Very-difficult choreo—wow!  (Reminder:Bruno owns a ballet school.) Rumer’s arms and hands were especially graceful. Possibly the best choreo of the night. Again, excellent acting by Rumer, who looked like a pro in every way. Superb!  Must see it again!  Julianne said, “America has fallen in love with Rumer”—she’s right. The negative: Contemporary Fusion:  Nothing. On Tuesday, we were told that Rumer was in jeopardy.  What!  Cardiac paddles, stat!  My BP began to rise and the tone of my voice inched up the decibel scale.  I said, “If America voted her off, something is seriously wrong or fixed!”  (Slow, deep breath)  After a while, she joined Noah and Riker for the FINALS—yay!  (Smile)   Veteran Noah Galloway: Viennese Waltz/Paso.   Judges’ scores 9/10.     My scores 9/10. The positive: Viennese Waltz: Sharna’s choreography was lovely, musical, more relaxed, charming and magical.  Noah executed smoother rotations on his legs and used his left leg well for steps and certain rotations, all with excellent balance and form.  There was something extra-special about their performance tonight. The negative: Viennese Waltz: Only a few can’ts that detract a bit from Noah’s can’s. Afterward, backstage, Noah proposed marriage to his military girlfriend, his face so sincere and hopeful.  The place went berserk with cheers and tears, especially when she readily accepted. The positive:  Paso:  Carrie Ann choreoed the dance for them and, of course, was very emotional about it.  The incredible choreo. involved several other male dancers to assist in representing Noah’s story of struggle: intense, very physical but well controlled and timed, dramatic overall and in Noah’s facial expressions. The warrior reigns—physically, spiritually, and emotionally. No negatives!  As Derek said, “It’s not about what he can’t do but what he can do,” and Noah gave it his all. On Tuesday, Noah was in jeopardy.  Not especially surprising, considering Monday’s aced performances, but . . .   Soon, he was in the FINALS.  A lot of hearts, especially military ones, are brimming.   Musician Riker Lynch: Contemporary/Arg. Tango. Judges’ scores 10/10. My scores 10/10. Both dances were in serious competition for “best choreo of the night”—no negatives! The positive: Contemporary: The choreography was extremely difficult, even for a pro: intense, passionate, and emotional, showing vulnerability and sensitivity.  Many gracefully executed lifts. Top-drawer and beautiful at pro level! Fabulous everything!  Loved it! The positive: Arg. Tango: Julianne choreoed and...

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Dancing in the Stars an Indirect Tie-In to Dancing With The Stars

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I forgot to tell everyone two weeks ago that my book has been published and is available.  As an indirect tie-in to Dancing With The Stars,  “Dancing in the Stars: Carroll Webster, International Dance Luminary of Vaudeville and Hollywood” gives a better understanding of the difficulties vaudevillians constantly faced. It contrasts the beauty of dance inside performance venues and Hollywood against the ugly desperation of the Great Depression and World War II. It begins with a handsome and talented eighteen-year-old orphan who longs for a vaudevillian dance career.  He has a real chance at stardom if he can survive America’s grueling dance marathons in the 1930s.  Accompanied by his attractive dance partner Diane, Carroll makes friends on the marathon floor with future stars Red Skelton and Tony Martin.  Before the decade is out, Tony Martin makes a movie with Fred Astaire and introduces him and Carroll.  Diane wants to be more than friends with Carroll, but giving in to that temptation could ruin their partnership and Carroll’s chance at happiness and a family with Mary, who could become the love of his life.  A tale of one man’s quest for fame and romance through the dark days of the Great Depression and World War II, “Dancing in the Stars” is Carroll Webster’s true search for what really matters. If you are interested in purchasing this book, please order from the publisher’s e-store, (secondarily from Amazon), with my thanks. Otherwise, let’s keep rooting on our favorites on DWTS, which will run two more weeks before the season ends.  My votes are for Rumer and Riker to win.  Who’s getting yours?  Any idea which celebs will be on the fall...

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4-5 May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Events & Analysis

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4-5 May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Events & Analysis It’s America’s Choice Week on Dancing WithThe Stars! Each contestant did two dances. Then, combining last week’s and this week’s votes, America decided whom to send home in a double elimination. Nearly every dancer stepped up his/her game. Chris, Noah, and Riker were nervous over the impending double elimination, Robert joked to Kym about the possibility of buying votes, and Rumer said that she and Val would continue their luck via traditional dancing methods and styles. On Tuesday night two dancers were sent home, a third-party dance troupe performed, and we were entertained by two singers. The always-funny threesome at Dance Center—cute/funny/endearing Jerry Rice, blasé/dry-wit Kenny Mayne, and deadpanned Len Goodman—cameoed on Monday and thoroughly entertained us on Tuesday. Veteran Noah Galloway: Tango/Salsa.                  Judges’ scores 8/8.  My scores 8/8. The positive: Tango: Sharna’s choreography was clever, very good.  Of course, it couldn’t have the perfect traditional movements due to Noah’s physical limitations, but Noah did a lot of leg and foot movements and he showed excellent balance and form in the process.  Bruno called him “the white, valiant knight.”  The duo did well and had a good time. The negative: Tango: For this intense dance, Noah should have shown more facial drama. The positive:  Salsa:  Emma accompanied them in this production, which was fun and celebratory.  The choreo. and timing were good, and the whole thing was very entertaining. Noah handled the two women and himself well. The funniest spot of the night occurred during the judges’ comments: Bruno—not Carrie Ann this time—fell off his chair; OMG, so funny! The negative: Salsa: Nothing noted.   “Bachelor” Chris Soules: Contemporary/Paso Doble. Judges’ scores 8.5/7.5.  My scores 8/7. The positive: Contemporary: Very pretty and graceful from the first chord!  WOW on the lifts!  His skills have improved tremendously, but I’m still surprised that he’s still here. The negative: Contemporary: I noticed nothing specific, and the judges cited nothing. The positive: Paso:  Lindsey assisted the pair.  Chris clearly concentrated very hard—too hard at points—and tried to appear intense. He danced the entire song and did a pretty-good job. The negative: Paso:  His timing was off now and again, and the dance appeared to be a bit clunky. His nervousness over the possibility of being voted off may have hampered his work.   Musician Riker Lynch: Viennese Waltz/Jazz.         Judges’ scores 9.75/10.  My scores 10/10. Both dances showed the second-best choreo of the night, tied with Val’s—no negatives! The positive: V. Waltz: It was a bit frenetic because of the song they were given to dance to, but it also was far more beautiful, graceful, and excellently emotional. Fabulous form, content, musicality, timing, footwork, and arms!  Loved it! The positive: Jazz: Brittany danced with them.  Again, very graceful at times; fun, great timing and choreo. with sharp, long movements. They looked like 3 pros dancing together. Riker looked as though he had had years of dance training, including in ballet—WOW! He seems able to learn quickly and to do anything that the world of dance asks of him.   ‘Shark’ Robert Herjavec: Contemporary/Samba. Judges’ scores 8.25/7.75. My scores 8.5/7.5. The positive: Contemporary: Oh, the chemistry! Everyone keeps wondering whether these two have a romantic relationship in real life, especially after they...

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28April2015, Dancing With The Stars’ Week 7: Tenth Anniversary Special!

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28April2015, Dancing With The Stars’ Week 7:  Tenth Anniversary Special! On this exciting night, the ballroom was filled with current and former contestants and pros, and a huge audience that included many celebrities. The opening number dazzled with many on the floor, though not as many as we had anticipated. Former host Samantha Harris also was present, but the host who replaced her, Brooke Burke (winner of season 6 with pro Derek Hough), was not. DWTS showed clips from all past winners, in order from first to the most recent: Kelly Monaco, with pro Alec Mazo Drew Lachey, with pro Cheryl Burke Emmitt Smith, with pro Cheryl Burke Apolo Anton Ono, with pro Julianne Hough Kristi Yamaguchi, with pro Mark Ballas Brooke Burke-Charvet, with pro Derek Hough Shawn Johnson, with pro Mark Ballas Donny Osmond, with pro Kym Johnson Nicole Scherzinger, with pro Derek Hough Jennifer Grey, with pro Derek Hough Hines Ward, with pro Kym Johnson J.R. Martinez, with pro Karina Smirnoff Donald Driver, with pro Peta Murgatroyd Melissa Rycroft, with pro Tony Dovolani Kellie Pickler, with pro Derek Hough Amber Riley, with pro Derek Hough Meryl Davis, with pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy Alfonso Ribeiro, with pro Witney Carson   Here are some of the other, many highlights: Flubs and odd happenings: We were reminded of when judge Carrie Ann fell out of her chair a few times and Marie Osmond fainted. Maks, who sometimes disagreed strongly over the years with Len’s comments of his choreography and performances with his celebs, rode a bicycle built for two with Len. Someone said how incredible it was that actress Marlee Matlin had danced without being able to hear the music, and she actually did quite well.  In addition, celebs with physical disabilities were highlighted for their courage and accomplishments in dance. Sharna remarked that choreography has advanced hugely since years 1 and 2 of the show, adding, “The sky is the limit!” A really cool thing was that quite a few NFL players, from various field positions, got together and did a short paso doble, including, among others, Jerry Rice, Emmett Smith, Donald Driver, and Kurt Warner.   The current judges told us the top things they look for in performances, accompanied by clips of their favorite examples: Len: technique (Helio Castroneves with Julianne in the quickstep) Carrie Ann: emotional impact (Amy Purdy with Derek in a contemporary dance) Julianne: artistry (Donald Driver with Peta in an Argentine tango) Bruno: passion (Mel B with Maksim in a paso doble)   Visiting pros who were on the show for many years were Karina, Anna, and Ashley. I was disappointed that Edyta Sliwinska and husband Alec Mazo were not there. Patti LaBelle sang what was said to have been her biggest hit, “Lady Marmalade” (from the 1970s), accompanied by Amber Riley and Lil Kim. Couldn’t sit still to that one! The extravaganza ended with all the pros and many former contestants, judges, and hosts dancing together.  It was a lot of...

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Dancing With The Stars: Week 7 Analysis

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27April2015, Dancing With The Stars: Week 7 Analysis It’s Eras Week on Dancing With The Stars, a trip of dancing through the past several decades.  That was followed immediately by dance-offs between couples, with one choosing whom to compete against and the competitors choosing which dance to compete in.  It was a night of comebacks for certain dancers and of improvement or status quo for others, along with a few surprises, especially from the judges.  At the end of the night, I was shocked to see who was sent home. Musician Riker Lynch: Quickstep/1920s era.                    Judges’ scores 9.5.  My score 9.5. The positive: Fabulous musicality, timing, rhythm, content, footwork!  Fun, riveting. Loved it! The negative: The judges mentioned that he should work on controlling his neck and arms, I believe.   “Bachelor” Chris Soules: Foxtrot/1940s era.                     Judges’ score 8.  My score 8.5. The positive: Sharp kicks, overall good form/footwork, improved timing and musicality.  He performed very well through the entire song—no fooling around and wasting time, and no excessive focus on the darling Witney.  He has come a long way! The negative: He has to keep monitoring his timing, technique, and footwork if he wants to stay in the competition.   Actress Rumer Willis: Jive/1960s era.                              Judges’ score 9.  My score 9. The positive:  Cute, sharp kicks, good footwork/form/content/musicality/rhythm/sync. Winning choreography by Val.  She does not disappoint as a dancer.  In the froxtrot dance-off against Chris for 2 extra points, Rumer won unanimously, even though Chris has improved significantly. The negative: I didn’t identify anything.   Veteran Noah Galloway: Jazz/1970s era.             Judges’ score 9.5.  My score 7. The positive: This production was cute, creative, and lots of fun. Noah clearly had a good time with it.  Well done.  Later, in the dance-off against Robert & Kim for 2 extra points, Noah and Sharna won doing the cha-cha—congratulations! The negative:  However, I majorly disagree with the judges regarding content and scoring. Noah’s performance, through no fault of his own, lacked sufficient traditional jazz content, choreographed fluid dancing and footwork in order to qualify it as an actual dance.  Unfortunately, I’m disappointed in Sharna’s choreography this week.   ‘Shark’ Robert Herjavec: Argentine Tango/1980s era.                 Judges’ score   8.  My score 9. The positive:  Sexy! Hot! Passionate! Sizzling chemistry ready to explode! What a connection these two continue to have, and I think it only continues to grow!  Great content and good form.  Couldn’t look away—loved it!  For me, this was the dance of the night, followed by Nastia’s (even though Nastia scored a bit higher). The negative: Kym and Robert are not extremely different in size, so a few times Robert seemed to have a little difficulty during the many lifts, etc., which, for the judges, may have detracted slightly from the desired 100 percent smooth transitions.   Gymnast Nastia Liukin: Modern Charleston.                    Judges’ scores 9.75.  My score 9. The positive: Although Derek injured both feet after the show last week (a negative), he choreographed and participated minimally from his seat while Sasha did everything else in the male’s role.  It was the knock-your-socks-off choreo that Derek is known for.  Cute, fun, crisp, imaginative, lighthearted choreography on a subway; extremely captivating and entertaining; linked, in-sync musicality/form. Nastia scored the highest, winning immunity from elimination this...

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