Dancing With The Stars: Week 9 Events & Analysis

11-12May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 9 Events & Analysis

It’s SEMIFINALS Week on “Dancing With The Stars”! OUR FINAL FOUR:  Riker, Rumer, Noah, and Nastia! Each contestant did two dances; for each, one dance was at least partially choreographed and blessed by one of the judges. The entire night looked like the finals instead of the semi-finals. How is America supposed to choose who will be in the finals next week?  How can we choose one ‘winner’?  You won’t believe who was sent home!

  1. Actress Rumer Willis: V. Waltz/Contemp. Fusion. Judges’ scores 9.75/10. My scores 10/10.

Her mom (Demi) was there; too bad that her dad (Bruce) had to be absent again.

The positive: Viennese Waltz: Flowing, elegant, lyrical, graceful!  Stunningly beautiful! Perfect footwork/form/musicality/rhythm/sync.  Excellent acting.

The negative: Viennese Waltz: A bit untraditional; unusually intense, passionate, sexy.

The positive:  Contemporary Fusion: Bruno choreographed a “Swan Lake” ballet that showed moments of waltz, tango, and, if I recall, paso.  Very-difficult choreo—wow!  (Reminder:Bruno owns a ballet school.) Rumer’s arms and hands were especially graceful. Possibly the best choreo of the night. Again, excellent acting by Rumer, who looked like a pro in every way. Superb!  Must see it again!  Julianne said, “America has fallen in love with Rumer”—she’s right.

The negative: Contemporary Fusion:  Nothing.

On Tuesday, we were told that Rumer was in jeopardy.  What!  Cardiac paddles, stat!  My BP began to rise and the tone of my voice inched up the decibel scale.  I said, “If America voted her off, something is seriously wrong or fixed!”  (Slow, deep breath)  After a while, she joined Noah and Riker for the FINALS—yay!  (Smile)


  1. Veteran Noah Galloway: Viennese Waltz/Paso.   Judges’ scores 9/10.     My scores 9/10.

The positive: Viennese Waltz: Sharna’s choreography was lovely, musical, more relaxed, charming and magical.  Noah executed smoother rotations on his legs and used his left leg well for steps and certain rotations, all with excellent balance and form.  There was something extra-special about their performance tonight.

The negative: Viennese Waltz: Only a few can’ts that detract a bit from Noah’s can’s.

Afterward, backstage, Noah proposed marriage to his military girlfriend, his face so sincere and hopeful.  The place went berserk with cheers and tears, especially when she readily accepted.

The positive:  Paso:  Carrie Ann choreoed the dance for them and, of course, was very emotional about it.  The incredible choreo. involved several other male dancers to assist in representing Noah’s story of struggle: intense, very physical but well controlled and timed, dramatic overall and in Noah’s facial expressions. The warrior reigns—physically, spiritually, and emotionally. No negatives!  As Derek said, “It’s not about what he can’t do but what he can do,” and Noah gave it his all.

On Tuesday, Noah was in jeopardy.  Not especially surprising, considering Monday’s aced performances, but . . .   Soon, he was in the FINALS.  A lot of hearts, especially military ones, are brimming.


  1. Musician Riker Lynch: Contemporary/Arg. Tango. Judges’ scores 10/10. My scores 10/10.

Both dances were in serious competition for “best choreo of the night”—no negatives!

The positive: Contemporary: The choreography was extremely difficult, even for a pro: intense, passionate, and emotional, showing vulnerability and sensitivity.  Many gracefully executed lifts. Top-drawer and beautiful at pro level! Fabulous everything!  Loved it!

The positive: Arg. Tango: Julianne choreoed and performed briefly with them.  Crisp, sharp, accurate, tight, passionate, in sync.  Perfect and professional!

On Tuesday, Riker was the only one NOT in jeopardy; into the FINALS he went, with me clapping all the way.


  1. Gymnast Nastia Liukin: Quickstep/Viennese Waltz. Judges’ scores 10/10. My scores 10/10.

Sasha did the quickstep; Derek managed to do the V. Waltz without further injury.

The positive: Quickstep: Perfectly in sync, exciting; fast but not frenetic or wild. Great!

The positive: Viennese Waltz: Graceful, elegant, and gorgeous. Len assisted and near the end of it performed with them because the dance represented his own dance career; arthritis has largely ended his dancing.

On Tuesday, Nastia, surprisingly enough, was in jeopardy.  When Rumer was passed into the FINALS and Noah was already safe, I figured that Nastia should be the one to go home.  Val said her performances with Derek/Sasha were “so perfect, kind of uninteresting.” Maybe the reason for that and for her across-the-board failure to loosen up and show much of her personality comes from the rigid nature of the gymnastic world that she’s accustomed to and to the related discipline and self-control that she has had to invoke since age 5.  She’s a nice girl, and her performances normally have been outstanding; at the same time, though, I kind of agree with Val that something, probably genuine passion, has been missing.



  1. DWTS troupe:

(a) The group did a tribute dance to the USO.

(b) In only a minute or so, Emma and Sasha showed us dancing from the twentieth century, complete with accurate costumes and correct moves. Cute.

(c) The female troupe danced with what appeared to be computerized versions of themselves. Clever.

(d) Riker’s little brother Ross lip-synched and danced with a group from the Disney Channel’s “Teen Beach 2.” Nice kid; good job.

  1. Guest: Male rapper Flo Rida “performed.” This guy has made millions or billions of dollars doing this? Really?


OUR FINAL THREE:  Riker, Rumer, and Noah!  Remember: The pros pull out all the stops in creativity, lifts, and dance combos for the finals. We’ll be in for a big treat next week!


MEANWHILE, UPCOMING:  Saturday, May 16, 8 p.m.:  “Road to the Finals.” 



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