Dancing With The Stars: Week 6 Analysis

20April2015, Dancing With The Stars: Week 6 Analysis

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It’s Spring Break week on Dancing With The Stars, and what a night of improvement it was for some of our dancers!  They’re still knocking our socks off and it’s only week 6.  Who excelled, who delivered my fave dance of the night, and who went home?

  1. Singer Patti LaBelle: Quickstep.                           Judges’ score 7.  My score 6-7.

The positive: It was cute and fun. Artem upped the choreo but didn’t involve Patti in all of it. Still, once in the game Patti exhibited proper technique, elegance, and improvement. Her participation and performance were pretty good. She did the second half of the dance wearing only one shoe after a slight change of plans. What a gracious, fun, and wonderful lady!

The negative: Artem wasted some time again, not involving Patti in actual dancing soon enough.


  1. Gymnast Nastia Liukin: Tango.                                        Judges’ scores 8-9.  My score 9.

The positive: Sharp, crisp, precise, accurate, beautiful form/hands/pointed toes, musicality/form. Very pretty. Excellent choreography from our award-winning Derek. My second-fave dance tonight.

The negative: Hectic, like their weekly schedules. Too bad they can’t relax a little and just enjoy the dance, esp. in a way that we could see and feel.


  1. Young Actress Willow Shields: Salsa.                               Judges’ score 8-9.  My score 8.5.

The positive: Fast, rhythmic, athletic with lifts/cartwheels/splits. Lots of fun, complete with constant facial expressions to represent the fun of their dance. She’s cute and a good dancer.

The negative: She still sometimes needs to focus on form and follow-through.


  1. ‘Shark’ Robert Herjavec: Jive.                                         Judges’ score   7.  My score 7.

The positive:  What an adorable pair! Their jive was cute, lively, and lots of fun for them and for us to watch. Very entertaining. As always, his winning attitude and effort reigned.

The negative: Robert got just a tad out of sync at one point but recovered and did a pretty-good job of it.


  1. Veteran Noah Galloway: Rhumba.                                    Judges’ score 7.25.  My score 7.

The positive: What a beautiful pair they are! The dance was strong yet graceful, flowing and fluid, well connected in purpose and movement. A proper, spot-on rhumba that warmed my heart. Very pretty!

The negative: Nothing notable or new to mention here.  We all know the challenges under which Noah strives.  If only he could somehow break out of the middle of the pack . . .


  1. Actress Rumer Willis: Jazz.                                              Judges’ score 8.5.  My score 8.5.

The positive:  Creative choreography, sharp, rhythmic, athletic, good form and timing; In sync with good musicality and technique. This girl is a fine dancer! Val and Rumer each has an admirable and respectful attitude.

The negative:  Not sufficiently smooth and connected. Some might say it was a bit too suggestive. Val seemed to have focused a bit too much/too literally on the ‘booty’ theme instead of ensuring connectivity and flow via a choice of better content and movement.


  1. “Bachelor” Chris Soules: Viennese Waltz.                         Judges’ score 8.  My score 7-8.

The positive: Last week Julianne told him to improve his timing and musicality by clapping his hands and/or tapping his feet to music so that eventually he might feel the music and become one with it. Showing his positive attitude, he spent much of the past week doing exactly that, and it paid off handsomely. He improved his overall form/hands/pointed toes and rhythm both in this dance and later in his team’s dance. It was a pretty dance, and Witney looked darling.

The negative: Witney’s choreo featured only herself way too much of the time, esp. during the first half, and didn’t make Chris dance as much as he should have. Give Chris more credit, Witney, by believing in him and allowing him to show you/us that he can do the job.


  1. Musician Riker Lynch: Samba.                             Judges’ scores 10-10-9-8.  My score 10.

The positive: Exceptional and captivating despite their limited time together to choreograph, learn, and rehearse. Great timing/rhythm/flow/connection/form/technique. Exciting, fun. Fab choreo, Allison! Didn’t want them to stop! My fave dance of the night!

The negative: Did you see anything?

Team Dances:

  1. Yolo: “Wipeout”: Nastia, Willow, Noah, Robert.
  2. Trouble: [“Trouble To Me”?]: Chris, Patti, Rumer, Riker

The judges scored them evenly at 39 each. But, to me, which was more enjoyable, more cohesive, more impressive?  #2, Team Trouble; the choreo. was fab, connected, tight, sharp, and demanded my attention. I loved it.

WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT?  Patti LaBelle. This lovely lady has come so far in learning to dance and has kept a beautiful spirit through it all. She simply did not accomplish as much as the other contestants, so America got this vote right.  Thank you for spending time with us, Patti; we’ll miss you!

NEXT WEEK:  Chris, Noah, and Robert are running in the middle of the pack, and, like it or not, are not quite as skilled as the other contestants.  We’ll see who steps up his game and how America votes.

What are your thoughts and opinions? Which dances did you favor or dislike? What did you notice that I didn’t? Let’s talk about it!

My top 4 true contenders remain Nastia Liukin, Rumer Willis, and Ryker Lynch, and Willow Shields.  What’s your lineup, and why?

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