Dancing With The Stars: Week 4 Analysis

6April2015, Dancing With The Stars: Week 4 Analysis

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This week on Dancing With The Stars, all of the dancers stepped up their games to showcase the most-memorable year in each of their lives—very impressive. The pros led their students into more steps and greater levels of performance. The performances made me feel good. The best night yet!

  1. Gymnast Nastia Liukin: Argentine Tango. Judges’ scores 9-8-9-10. My score 9-10.

The positive: Fantastic, strong, sharp, passionate, athletic, gorgeous lines & lifts. Stellar choreography and fabulous execution. Stunning! Again, I couldn’t look away.

The negative: What?


  1. Football player Michael Sam: *Rhumba.               Judges’ score 7-8.  My score 8.

The positive: Pretty, smooth, flowed properly, lovely story through dance. Well-done and much better!  What a genuinely sweet guy!

The negative: He has to keep being careful to control his strength and how much the dance requires; impressive, caring control by a man with huge thighs who’s on the football field most of the day.


  1. Musician Ryker Lynch: Tango.                                         Judges’ score 8-9.  My score 8-9.

The positive: Tight, correct, passionate, well-done to fast music, good choreo., captivating. Very good! Didn’t want it to end. He’s a nice young man who works very hard and is very impressive. So, why was he in jeopardy of going home tonight?

The negative: He needs to keep making small improvements to his technique and posture, and he can do it.


  1. ‘Shark’ Robert Herjavec: Waltz.                          Judges’ score   8-9.  My score 9.

The positive:  Dancing to “The Last Waltz with You,” his mom’s favorite song, Robert dedicated this to his mom, who died of ovarian cancer several years ago. He pulled me into his emotional story and took me with him on a beautiful, genuine, heartfelt journey. The dance flowed and thoroughly entertained me.  As usual, he had good rise and fall, placement, and pointed toes in his footwork, and his frame was very handsome. His hands were more graceful this time. What a pleasure he is to watch each week! He’s so sweet and nice, a good person, and a good dancer. His magnetic, endearing qualities keep me coming back to wish him well.

The negative: Nothing to report.


  1. “Bachelor” Chris Soules: *Rhumba.                                  Judges’ score 7.  My score 7.

The positive: Another ultra-sweet and genuinely nice guy! What you see is what you get. Nice job! He keeps improving. A good, flowing, and pretty rhumba, but somehow not as good/enjoyable as those done by other contestants tonight.

The negative:  Something about Witney’s choreography seemed to be a bit insufficient—a little off from her usual level of work.


  1. Singer Patti LaBelle: Jazz.                                                Judges’ score 7-8.  My score 7.

The positive: She really danced tonight, dedicating it to her son. Thank you, Patti and Artem! She did many steps and even shimmied. It was rhythmic, fun, good, and quite entertaining. Still love her attitude.  Big, entertaining improvement!

The negative: Too much unnecessary wasting of time in the opening, which may have gobbled as much as 25 percent of their allotment for dancing. That isn’t necessary, Artem—get rid of the time-wasting elements and right into the dance of the week.


  1. Actress Rumer Willis: Waltz.                                            Judges’ score 9.  My score 9.

The positive:  Strong yet fragile, elegant, flowing, beautiful/graceful arm extensions and hands; gorgeous body, gorgeous dancer. Mesmerizing!

The negative:  Didn’t notice anything noteworthy.


  1. Actress Suzanne Somers: Waltz.                                      Judges’ score 7.  My score 7-8.

The positive:  She keeps improving!  I knew she could do it! Suzanne’s most-memorable year was 1977, when she got to begin a run of starring on the hit TV show, “Three’s Company” with the hilarious John Ritter, who died several years ago. She dedicated this dance to him. Tony choreographed an adorable dance with Suzanne in character as Chrissie Snow on a reproduced set of “Three’s Company.” I loved the show in 1977, and I thoroughly enjoyed their dance tonight. Their waltz was pretty and graceful, sweet and cute, and her hands were graceful. Loved it! Like Patti, Suzanne has a lovely attitude.

The negative: She has to keep learning and applying proper techniques, posture, etc.; Tony must keep challenging her.


  1. Young Actress Willow Shields: Contemporary.  Judges’ score (3) 10s/(1) 9.  My score 9.

The positive: She’s amazing! Creative, difficult, ferocious, focused, strong take on “The Hunger Games” movies in which she stars as a supporting actress. Excellent, challenging choreography. Wow!

The negative: I didn’t notice anything.  Did you?


  1. Veteran Noah Galloway: Contemporary.                        Judges’ score 8.  My score 9.

The positive: I love the “No Excuses!” motto that he decided for himself and the clients he trains to be physically fit. Missing two limbs or not, this humble, wonderful man is as fit as they come. His dance tonight was powerful yet graceful, heartfelt, moving, beautiful—another testament to Sharna’s incredible talent in choreography, to their connection, and to their athleticism, both individually and together.  The first lift, where he held her with just one hand, may have been the best moment of a night of many fantastic moments.

The negative: Again, nada.


WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT? Michael Sam! A sweet guy with a great attitude who worked hard and has become a good dancer. I’ll miss him here.

What do you agree with? Disagree with? Which dances did you like the most and the least? Have good points to add?  Weigh in with your comments! Gayle, Kurt, Debi, Nick, and the dozens of others who registered to participate in this blog: Where are you? What do you think will happen next week? Praise, slam, explain, inspire, or whatever. Let’s get a great conversation going!

Here’s my slightly updated ranking of the true contenders:

  1. Nastia Liukin
  2. Rumer Willis

3-4. Ryker Lynch, Willow Shields

5-6. Robert Herjavec, Noah Galloway

What does your list look like? Tell us how you view it and why.

*Can use either “rumba” or “rhumba.”

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2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars: Week 4 Analysis”

  1. TJ-Kitty says:

    First out of the gate was my sweet Derek and his partner, Nastia. I was absolutely mesmerized…it was sooooooooooooo FABULOUS! They couldn’t have done any better. I think it’s quite possibly the BEST Argentine Tango I’ve seen on the show.

    Michael is a really nice guy and was trying to improve. Last week he received a 24, so it was fair that he went home. But very sorry to see him go nonetheless.

    Riker is a cute young man who tries hard each week. And yes, he is very impressive. I enjoy watching him every week and think he can go far.

    Robert is flat-out wonderful…his endearing personality and his work ethic. That was a beautiful ‘classic’ waltz that he and Kym danced. So beautiful! I was in tears when he talked about his Mother…I could tell that the two loved each other very much.

    Chris is a genuinely good, sweet and handsome guy. I agree that their dance was not as entertaining as that of others. I feel the judges scored him appropriately.

    Patti is a gracious lady and so well respected. I agree the frivolous stuff at the beginning of the dance is unnecessary. Best to just get right to it. I do enjoy watching her each week to see what’s next.

    Rumer and Val are fabulous together. I am surprised that she dances so well…guess I just didn’t know what to expect in the very beginning. Their waltz was certainly a more contemporary version. She is very interesting to watch…feel she will go far in the competition.

    Suzanne’s dance was a little too ‘cutesy’ for me. I know it was based on her character when she played Chrissie, a ditzy blonde in “Three’s Company” many years ago. But personally, just did not enjoy it all that much. I agree she has a very good attitude as does Patti.

    Willow is amazing for her age. I just didn’t care for all the other dancers in the routine. To me that was distracting, and I found it hard to focus on her at times. I really don’t know anything about the “Hunger Games”. She is a good dancer, but I didn’t expect her to get three 10’s.

    Noah is extraordinary. I agree with every single comment you made about him. I adore watching him each week.

    As far as the next person to go…would have to think it would be either Chris, Suzanne or Patti. We’ll see.

    Where are all the other Responders?!? Am I going to be the only ONE?!? Certainly anyone knows they have to ‘Log In’ first in order to leave Comments. I know when I signed up, I had to create my Username and Password. I just don’t understand it. Why would anyone signup if they don’t want to participate. Has anyone emailed you to say they had trouble being able to leave their Comments or anything?

    One quick tidbit: In the spelling of Riker’s name, I use an “i” instead of a “y” as you do because that’s the way I see it spelled on the TV screen, when they show their names at the beginning of their dance.

    • Hi, TJ-Kitty. You’re obviously a devoted fan–great to see! I, too, was mesmerized by Derek and Nastia; I couldn’t look away, and I couldn’t even speak for a few beats after they finished because it was breathtaking. I agree with you regarding Michael, Riker, Robert (I, too, cried with him–so touching!), Chris, Patti, Rumer, and Noah. Do you see, as I do, that Suzanne has improved a great deal over week 1 when she was so nervous? When Willow (love that name!) finished, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the judges and was a little surprised to see three 10’s, not that she didn’t earn it, I suppose. Which contestant should go home next week? In considering their performances across four weeks, I believe it should be Patti, who has improved he least; I’ll miss her graceful demeanor, but in all fairness she shows the least promise for improvement and should go. After her should be Suzanne and then Chris, according to their track records, but we’ll have to find out whether they improve. Many thanks for watching and writing! I sent a message yesterday to the dozens of DWTS fans who registered to join this blog so that they can be sure how to comment with us; we’ll see how many will actually participate. See you next week. Till then, have a good one.

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