Dancing With The Stars: Week 2 Analysis

Dancing With The Stars: Week 2 Analysis:

Is it really only week 2?!  Some of these contestants perform as though they’ve been out there for six weeks already!  Wow!  That makes sense for the ones who came in with dance experience, but it’s extremely impressive for the newcomers to the dance world.  Nearly everyone improved over last week.  Tonight, most of the judges’ scores were on target; a few overshot the mark or slightly shortchanged an impressive performance.  Here’s what happened tonight, in the order in which the contestants appeared:

  1. “Bachelor” Chris Soules: Cha-Cha.  Judges’ score 5.  My score 5-6.

The negative: Lacked proper musicality, timing, sufficient rhythm, hip movement.

The positive:  Not bad for someone who had only 4 days to work on it. With more time and practice, with his great attitude still in place, he would have done better; if he has these for next week, we’ll see a better dance.

  1. Actress Suzanne Somers: Jive.  Judges’ score 7.  My score 6-7.

The negative:  Flicks/kicks should be sharper/more extended.  She needs to get rid of her few remaining jitters and be a little less dependent on Tony.

The positive:  Energetic, enthusiastic; more confident, more fun, and much less nervous than last week.  A much-better, more-entertaining dance than last week.  She’ll probably keep improving.

3.  ‘Shark’ Robert Herjavec: Foxtrot. Judges’ score     7.  My score 7-8.

The negative:  Needs to remember all technical details, esp. to have an open/lifted chest.

The positive:  Nice frame, good rise and fall/footwork, good timing, smooth, graceful, clearly enjoyed himself, magnetic, entertaining. Very good for week 2.

  1. Model Charlotte McKinney: Cha-Cha.  Judges’ score 6-7.  My score 6.

The negative: Choreography too thin/simple.

The positive:  Peppy. Good timing & rhythm. Better than last week.  Again, beautiful, long legs. If she stays, as she goes along she’ll have to learn how to use those legs more effectively and how to position them, her feet, and her whole body better for dance.  I don’t envision her breaking out of the middle of the pack to become a real contender.

  1. Football player Michael Sam: Foxtrot.  Judges’ score 7.  My score 7.

The negative:  Hard to transition from hours of football training/postures/movements into proper frameworks, straight posture (his “bum,” as Len calls it, really does stick out sometimes) and fluidity of dance, but . . .

The positive:  He’s doing quite well. Good rhythm, arm extension, timing. Shows much promise for continued improvement.  Impressive and will keep moving up.

  1. Actress Rumer Willis: Cha-Cha.  Judges’ score 8.  My score 8-9.

The negative:  They moved so fast and I was so impressed that I noticed nothing particularly negative.

The positive:  Beautiful frame/movement/leg and arm extensions/hands/technique and footwork.  Way better than dances that scored 7’s.  A tad behind gymnast Nastia Liukin tonight.

  1. Entertainer RedFoo: Jive. Judges’ score 8.  My score 7.

The negative:  Timing, technique, sharpness of kicks were a bit off at times.

The positive:  Very fun, upbeat. A pretty good job. Judges’ scores were 1 point too high.

  1. Young Actress Willow Shields: Argentine Tango.  Judges’ score 8.  My score 8.

The negative: Just a few times her posture was a tad off target. Needs a little more practice and refinement to earn scores of 9-10.

The positive:  Pretty incredible and jaw-dropping for a 14-year-old who just entered week 2, esp. in a dance of such difficulty.  Very good!

  1. ‘Disabled’ Veteran Noah Galloway: Samba. Judges’ score 7.  My score 7.

The negative: Hard to talk negatively about this sweet guy, who’s been through so much, has such a stellar outlook, gives his all, and dances remarkably with his remaining limbs.

The positive:  Good timing; adapts/shifts well, controlled/stable movements, esp. hips. Amazing. Look for even more progress from him.

  1. Gymnast Nastia Liukin: Rhumba. Judges’ score 8-9.  My score 9.

The negative:  I was too impressed to notice.

The positive: Beautiful frame, footwork, arm/leg extensions, hands, choreography, timing, technique, grace and flow. Stunning, esp. so early in the competition. Best dance of the night!  Female gymnasts always dance well on this show and easily surpass most other contestants, beginning at a rather early stage. These gymnasts are too predictable. Should female gymnasts continue to be invited to compete on this show?  I vote no because, no matter what anyone else says, history has shown that they really do come in with a distinct and sizeable advantage over many other contestants.  I also vote that if they are allowed in again, they should not be placed with Derek, who has won more seasons than any other pro dancer on this show. I love Derek as much as the next fan, but the playing field needs to be leveled.

  1. Musician Ryker Lynch: Foxtrot.  Judges’ score 8.  My score 8.

The negative: He’ll just have to focus even more on the details.

The positive:  Good arms/hands, overall movement, grace, timing, adaptability/switch-ups from sharpness to smoothness.  Well done!  Watch him keep inching up the leader board.

  1. Singer Patti LaBelle:  Salsa.  Judges’ score 7.  My score 6-7.

The negative: Her pro and the judges seem to give her a break (and a slightly exaggerated score) due to either her age or her fame. It was an insufficient, simple salsa, with other movements and time-wasters thrown in.

The positive:  Rhythmic; she was enthusiastic, hard-working, and uncomplaining despite a knee injury. She lights up the ballroom and expects little in return except fairness. I like her. She probably won’t become a real contender, but I’ll enjoy her gracious presence and best efforts each week, and I hope she’ll sing for us at least once.

WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT?  RedFoo.  Darn it—I like him because he’s so fun!

STATUS:  It’s pretty clear that at his point the top performers and true contenders are:

  1. Nastia Liukin
  2. Rumer Willis

3-4. Ryker Lynch, Willow Shields

  1. Robert Herjavec, Michael Sams

NEXT WEEK = Latin week.  This should be good!

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