Dancing With The Stars: Week 1Analysis

Week 1: March 16, 2015, Spring Season:

What a fabulous opening night! Everyone obviously worked hard and looked good. My informed opinions of the performances–mostly in order of the contestants’ appearances–and of the judges’ scores follow.

I still don’t like that the first contestant out of the gate always gets cheated on scores. This time it was 14-year-old actress Willow Shields, whose enthusiastic and skilled cha-cha was given only a 6 but deserved at least a 7. She promises to give Rumer Willis and Nastia Liukin a hard run for the number-one position.

Second out in a cha-cha was Robert Herjavec, the dark-haired, nice and nice-looking Shark from Shark Tank. He showed good expression, fun, enthusiasm, a beautiful smile and great attitude, some rhythm, and correctly pointed toes. He needs to work a bit more on musicality and to increase his hip work, which the judges also mentioned. His score of a 7 was probably fair for him, but because his dance was no better than Willow’s I’m irked that she was cheated. I think he’ll keep improving.

Young, blond singer Riker Lynch was third. If he isn’t still a teenager, he doesn’t appear to be much beyond. His exciting, all-out jive of sharp kicks, excellent moves, and good timing with Allison earned a fair 8.  He’s another one to watch. I’ll be curious to see how he performs in the slower dances.

Model/actress Charlotte McKinney followed in a jive that lacked musicality and sharp kicks. To her credit, though, are very-long legs and a flexible frame. Her score of 5-6 was fair. Maybe she’ll keep improving—we’ll see.

Fifth was singer Patti LaBelle in a smilingly graceful but careful foxtrot that revealed good musicality and accurate foot placement. She’s a gracious lady. A score of 6 was right for her.

Next was “Bachelor” Chris Soules in a good jive with Witney. What a nice guy! He showed good musicality/rhythm, sharp kicks, fun, energy, charisma, and dedication. He needs to work on arm extension/placement and pointing his toes. A good job earned him a 6-7.  I’m okay with that.

Seventh came football player Michael Sam doing a cha-cha. A nice guy and a hard worker who did a nice job, especially when foot placement in dancing is much different from that in playing football. He has good rhythm and good timing. He needs to improve his foot work, and I think he will keep getting better. His score was 6-7, which is okay.

Then came gymnast Nastia Liukin with Derek in a lovely foxtrot. How is it that Derek often gets the gymnasts, who usually make the best dancers? Nastia showed beautiful, graceful work with her arms and hands. Unfortunately, Derek’s inclusion of a lift near the end caused lift-police Carrie Ann to deduct one point. Nastia’s final score was a 7-8.

Ninth was the always-entertaining RedFoo. His fun, energetic, and expressive cha-cha earned only a 5-6 because he needs major improvement to his foot work. I think he’ll work hard.

Former Army sergeant Noah Galloway followed in a cha-cha. For someone who has lost two limbs and overcome severe injuries elsewhere, he shows cheer, good adaptability, and good movement. He’s cute and sweet, and his determination will continue to represent him well. I’ll be eager to see how he’ll do in the other dance styles.

Actress/singer Suzanne Somers was eleventh. At 68, this health guru has a well-maintained body. Her cha-cha with Tony was fun. I think she was extremely nervous, though; I had expected her to do much better than she did. She needs major improvement on musicality, timing, accuracy, and foot work. Unfortunately, her score of a 6 was more than her performance actually warranted. If she can get those nerves under control, I think she’ll do better; I’ll be eager to see her again next week.

Twelfth and last was actress/singer Rumer Willis, daughter of actors Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, in a foxtrot that was graceful, smooth, accurate, and showed pretty arm/hand and leg/foot lines. Absolutely lovely! Her score was an 8, which put her at the top of the leader board. I’d say that in reality Rumer and Nastia are nearly tied and will have to be watched carefully as they compete for the top spot.

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5 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars: Week 1Analysis”

  1. cabaretsing says:

    Great start to the new season!

  2. Hi, John. I agree on the great start. Thanks for watching and writing.

  3. TJ-Kitty says:

    What an entertaining first night of dancing! Lots of potential amongst the contestants which will make it exciting to watch each week. I will say that out of the two lowest scoring dancers, which were Charlotte, the ‘busty’ model with a score of 22, and Redfoo, also with a score of 22…I would much prefer the model go home. Hopefully, that will happen since Redfoo is much more entertaining to watch. If I remember correctly, I believe Redfoo served as a guest judge for one episode last season. Well, looks like we could have many surprises ahead …

  4. Hi, TJ. I agree with your comment regarding RedFoo vs. Charlotte. And, yes, RedFoo was a guest-judge at some point last year.

  5. Hi, and welcome! Dozens of you have registered to follow this DWTS blog, and I thank you. Only a few have commented, though. Don’t be shy–tell us your opinions, complaints, predictions, hopes, and whatever else applies, so long as you do so in ‘clean’ language. We’re eager to hear what you have to say, so bring it on and we’ll start some lively discussions.

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