Dancing With The Stars Season 22: Week 6 Analysis

Dancing With The Stars Season 22: Week 6 Analysis


Antonio Brown: NFL/Pitts Steelers wide receiver/punt returner (like Hines Ward, season 12, Kym Johnson). Brown wants Steelers fans nationwide. Pro partner: Sharna Burgess.

Nyle Dimarco:  Deaf actor; an “America’s Next Top Model.” Pro partner: Peta Murgatroyd.

Kim Fields: TV/film actress (“The Facts Of Life”).” Pro partner: Sasha Farber.

Doug Flutie: FB commentator (was NFL Q’bk/Chargers/Patriots); Pro partner: Karina Smirnoff.

Von Miller:  Denver Broncos def. linebacker/SB50 MVP 2/2016.  Pro partner: Witney Carson.

Wanya Morris: 1990s H.S. to Boyz II Men (bestselling R&B). Pro partner: Lindsay Arnold.

Jodie Sweetin: Actress (“Full/er House” & author). Pro partner: Keo Motsepe.

Paige VanZant: UFC straw-wt. mixed martial arts; lifelong dancer. Pro partner: Mark Ballas.

Ginger Zee: ABC GMA chief meteorologist, new mom. Pro partner: Val Chmerkovskiy.

Dancing With The Stars: Week 6 Analysis

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It’s “Famous Dance” week on Dancing With The Stars! Celebs and their pro partners danced to famous songs, especially from movies. With only two days left before Monday’s performance, the producers changed Mark and Paige’s song, so Mark had to produce a new routine—pressure!  Jodie and Kim continued, after medical attention, through foot/ankle injuries. The show opened with all of the pros and the troupe dancing in period costume to “Puttin’ on the Ritz”—fabulous! Certain celebs advanced while others stalled or back-stepped a bit.  One celeb did a dance for which the show doesn’t have a category or real judging expertise.  Judging, as usual, was slightly inaccurate in either direction, but at least they weren’t way off the mark this week, even though some comments were unnecessarily harsh. One celeb threw his or her pro under the bus—Grrr!

  1. Kim Fields: Jive. Judges’ scores 8.  My score 9.

The positive: A REAL JIVE: peppy, sharp, correct; good lines and energetic in what was clearly a fun dance with other couples.  Kim and Sasha revved up the crowd.  Impressive and fun to watch!

The negative: CAI said it should have been even more energetic.


  1. Von Miller: Jazz.                         Judges’ score 8.  My score 8.5.

The positive: His best dance so far!  He didn’t miss a beat or a step!  Great lines, full arm extensions, even elegantly at least once; appropriate facial expressions.  He was really into it, and I really liked it.

The negative: Keep learning; keep refining technique, lines, and posture (consistently).


  1. Jodie Sweetin: Contemporary. Judges’ scores 9-8-8 . My score 9.

The positive: Dramatic acting/emotional, powerful; athletic, difficult. Jodie persisted through a hurt ankle.  Very pretty!  Well done!  Good job, Keo!

The negative: A few lifts didn’t go off quite as smoothly as they would have wished.


  1. Paige VanZant: Jazz. Judges’ scores 9-10-9  .  My score 10.

The positive: Wow!  Great choreo, Mark!  Precise, fun retro, with perfect spotting, beautiful lines/extensions, toes and turns.

The negative: Nothing noted.


  1. Nyle Dimarco: Quickstep. Judges’ scores 8-8-9. My score 9.

The positive: Very fast and difficult, but Nyle, as usual, prevailed via excellent musicality/sync/timing/footwork. Very well done and very enjoyable.  Nyle joked—yes, really—that he danced as well as Val.

The negative: His frame was good until about the last 15 seconds, which is when he often appears to tire.  The headgear/full-head mask that they had on him to make him look like a Jim Carrey character covered his ears (negative even though he already can’t hear) and limited his peripheral vision; an additional disadvantage despite being in character.


  1. Ginger Zee: Jazz. Judges’ score 8. My score 8.5.

The positive: It was edgy, smart, mostly in sync/on time, and cute with a team of guys, including her partner Val, of course. Well-done and very enjoyable!

The negative:  It really could have been even snappier, sharper, and more energetic.  A judge or two used the word “punchy.”  Glad to know they and I saw the same.


  1. Doug Flutie: Bollywood. Judges’ score 7. My score 7.5.

The positive: Good, energetic, and traditional but difficult content with many moves, which Doug had fun learning and performing. He did pretty well, and the dance was quite entertaining; the entertainment factor alone should have upped his score a bit.  It was almost as if some or all of the judges decided before Doug even danced.

The negative: He still has mildly negative posture issues at times.


  1. Wanya Morris: Jazz. Judges’ scores 10-9-10.  My score 10.

The positive: Lindsay with 3 guys.  Many moves: in sync, sharp/crisp, on target, on time, every time. Wanya was all in and it was bad-good.  Wow!

The negative: Nothing noted.


  1. Antonio Brown: Jive. Judges’ score 9. My score 9.

The positive: He talked about his motto of smiling and pushing onward through adversity.  Sharp kicks/flicks and 95% great timing/sync. and footwork.  Exciting!

The negative: In certain of his pre-show package comments, he threw Sharna under the bus. That was uncalled for!  During the dance, his form was a tad off, almost wild, when the dance was most frenetic, but he is to be commended for his hard work and accomplishments.


WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT? Doug Flutie, darn it!  He’s a nice, hardworking guy who really wants to win.  His extensive fan base, esp. FB players/fans, did their best for him, but they couldn’t pull off a miracle. Who in America put Paige in the bottom three this week with Doug and Von?  That was shocking and insane because she’s a beautiful dancer.  Come on, people: Clean your eyeglasses/contact lenses and improve your reasoning skills! Reward Paige for her outstanding performances and keep her in the competition where she belongs!


NEXT WEEK: It will be the men vs. the women in team dances, and we’ll see a double elimination.  Antonio has had only two good weeks out of six; he’s very inconsistent and should be the next one to leave the show.  Von probably should follow him.  Ginger, Kim, and Jodie are doing well in the middle; they’ll have to battle it out toward the semi-finals.  Paige, Nyle, and Wanya are the most-skillful and most-consistent dancers, so they should be in the finals.

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