Dancing With The Stars Season 22: Week 3 Analysis–April 4, 2016

Dancing With The Stars Season 22: Week 3 Analysis–April 4, 2016


Dear Readers:

I forgot to tell you a week or two ago that the father of Derek and Julianne Hough died very recently. I don’t have medical details–just thought you’d like to know.


Also, Lindsay says that her BoyzIIMen star Wanya flies back and forth between DWTS workouts and his group’s performances in Vegas, but somehow keeps his dedication and energy soaring.


Reminder: The stars and some of the pros don’t just rehearse their dances all week long.  Some of them have many other difficult demands on their time, focus, and energy.  Here are examples:  Some have to go home to be spouses and parents.  Some have to fly between DWTS duties and highly scheduled jobs and performances in other states (even across the country), and their pros often accompany them.  Some of the pros attend high-visibility red-carpet events and community-support activities.  Some star/pro couples guest-star on TV shows.  They have very little downtime.  How they do it all, I can’t imagine.


Tonight, I expect to see more excellent choreo by Keo, Lindsay, and Karina, at least. I hope Keo has recovered from some sort of a boo-boo that he sustained in practice; he’s very impressive with Jodie.  And, I hope things will work out okay for Mischa and Artem, and that the wonderful Edyta Sliwinska will stay on to perform even though Geraldo just left.  Let’s see!


Mischa Barton: Actress of film, TV, stage. Pro partner: Artem Chigventsev.

Antonio Brown: NFL/Pitts Steelers wide receiver/punt returner (like Hines Ward, season 12, Kym Johnson). Brown wants Steelers fans nationwide. Pro partner: Sharna Burgess.

Nyle Dimarco:  Deaf actor; an “America’s Next Top Model.” Pro partner: Peta Murgatroyd.

Kim Fields: TV/film actress (“The Facts Of Life”).” Pro partner: Sasha Farber.

Doug Flutie: FB commentator (was NFL Q’bk/Chargers/Patriots); Pro partner: Karina Smirnoff.

Marla Maples:  Stage/TV(host)/film; mother of Tiffany Trump.  Pro partner: Tony Dovolani.

Von Miller:  Denver Broncos def. linebacker/SB50 MVP 2/2016.  Pro partner: Witney Carson.

Wanya Morris: 1990s H.S. to Boyz II Men (bestselling R&B). Pro partner: Lindsay Arnold.

Jodie Sweetin: Actress (“Full/er House” & author). Pro partner: Keo Motsepe.

Paige VanZant: UFC straw-wt. mixed martial arts; lifelong dancer. Pro partner: Mark Ballas.

Ginger Zee: ABC GMA chief meteorologist, new mom. Pro partner: Val Chmerkovskiy.

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It’s the week for stars to share their most-memorable years in their respective performances tonight on Dancing With The Stars! Some of the chosen years evidenced triumph over heartbreak and intense struggle while others marked profound joy.  We saw a night of many delights, beauty and fun, clear improvements, and a slight disappointment or two.  Some of the performances were mesmerizing and stunning.  I ended up choosing one dance of the night and two close runners-up.

  1. Ginger Zee: Contemporary. Judges’ score 7. My score 8.

Ginger’s year was 2013, when she met now-husband Ben Aaron, who attended tonight with their baby boy, who is nearly four months old.

The positive: She and Val danced to “Home,” by Phillip Phillips, one of Ginger’s favorite songs.  It was celebratory and romantic, graceful and expressive, complete with nice lifts and appropriate facial expressions—very good.  Len said, “Dance is a marriage between movement and music.”  What a perfect definition!  And this dance represented it well.

The negative: Nothing especially noted except to keep learning technique and control.


  1. Doug Flutie: Waltz. Judges’ scores 7-6-7. My score 7.5.

Doug’s most-memorable year was the one in which his parents died on the same day.

The positive: Lovely and emotional; smooth most of the way, and appropriately expressive both physically and facially to express his parents’ love for one another. Well-done turns, arm extensions/hands, and control of Karina. The dance could have flowed a bit better, and he should have done much more actual footwork/dancing vs. Karina doing too much of the dancing. He has improved a lot over week 1.  I liked the dance and I like him a lot.

The negative: Must keep improving his lines, posture, and center of gravity, esp. when reaching for Karina.


  1. Kim Fields: Foxtrot. Judges’ scores 8-7-7. My score 8.

Kim’s year was 1976, when she and her family moved from Harlem, NY to Los Angeles, CA and she got her first big break into showbiz—first on the “Mrs. Butterworth” commercial and then on the show “The Facts of Life.”

The positive: Her dance was cute, happy, fun, correct, peppy but elegant and smooth. Her arm extensions and hands were lovely, her footwork and posture well done. I enjoyed watching it and it made me feel good.  She and Sasha are adorable together (and apart), a highly effective match.  If you can’t get along with either of them, you have a serious problem.

The negative: Nothing in particular noted.  Keep learning technique.


  1. Von Miller: Contemporary. Judges’ scores 7-6-7. My score 7.

Von’s flying high this year since winning the Super Bowl and MVP.  They danced to “In the Air Tonight,” which he listens to each time before he hits the field for a game.

The positive: The dance was pretty, alternatingly graceful and a bit jerky; his arms and hands were more extended and graceful, and he did a good job in lifting Witney quite a few times. He’s improved.

The negative: Work on frame, balance, and centered space.


  1. Marla Maples: Jive. Judges’ score 7.  My score 8.5.

Marla’s year was 1993, when daughter Tiffany was born.

The positive: Her jive was happy, fun, energetic, proper, full of traditional content, and had sharp kicks. She showed good posture, lines, and facial expressions. Very talented!

The negative: The next time she does the jive, she’ll look looser/more professional and less practiced.


  1. Antonio Brown: Foxtrot. Judges’ scores 7-6-7. My score 6.

Antonio’s year was 2007, when his son was born.

The positive: His dance was joyful, pretty and flowing, proper, and pleasant to watch.

The negative: He still needs to be careful of his posture and his lines, his arms, and esp. his hands. The judges over-scored him. This really was his lowest-scoring dance to date.


  1. Paige VanZant: Paso Doble. Judges’ scores 8-7-8.  My score 9.

Paige’s year was 2014, with her first UFC fight after years of being bullied by other girls.

The positive: Mark’s back from last week’s back injury—yay! A largely untraditional, modernized, and modified paso in the form of a fight inside a ring; really kept my attention to track the paso movements inside the fight.  Great turns, kicks, lines, passion; sharp yet also graceful; beautiful arms and hands.  Fabulous!  Mark could win an Emmy for this out-of-the-box choreography!  For me, nearly a tie for the dance of the night.

The negative: Len said it was too untraditional but well done.


  1. Jodie Sweetin: Foxtrot. Judges’ scores 8-7-8. My score 9.

Jodie’s most-memorable year was her triumphant comeback in 2015 in TV’s “Fuller House” after some bad years following the close of the original “Full House.”

The positive: Her dance, beautifully choreographed by Keo, was emotionally anguished yet joyful and thankful, gorgeous, graceful, smooth, elegant, and appropriate. Her lines, esp. her arms and hands, were lovely.

The negative: Keep learning and expressing.


  1. Mischa Barton: Samba. Judges’ score 6. My score 6.

Mischa’s memorable year was 2008, when she left TV’s “The OC.”

The positive: Finally, she was happy, somewhat relaxed, and having fun. Her arms and hands were pretty.  She and Artem were stronger and more compatible as a couple.  Things came together better, and I was glad to witness all of it.

The negative: She needs to become one with the music—have/show more true rhythm, musicality, and bounce (when appropriate, which it is in the samba).

The judges kept saying that was her best dance. No.  Her best dance was her tango in week 1; if they had scored her correctly then, as I did, the record would clearly show that this week’s dance was not quite as good.


  1. Wanya Morris: Waltz. Judges’ score 8.  My score 8.5.

Wanya’s year was 1996, when BoyzIIMen performed the U.S. national anthem at the closing of the Olympic games.

The positive: His waltz was flowing, smooth, sophisticated/elegant, proper, proud, and pretty. He completed arm movements gracefully. Lovely choreo, Lindsay!

The negative: Be careful of posture and to keep hands graceful.


  1. Nyle Dimarco: Tango. Judges’ scores 8-8-9. My score 9.

Nyle’s year was 2012, when he traveled the world without his interpreter.

The positive: Thank you, Bruno—Nyle deserved a 9 from all of us tonight! His tango was passionate, correct, sharp and tight while also smooth and graceful, in time, on point, exciting, attacking (in a good way), captivating and almost hypnotic. He and Peta had an exquisite connection that produced delightful movements.  Amazing and stunning!  I didn’t want their dance to stop.  I want to watch it again and again. I loved it!  This man is a beautiful and remarkable human being who gives pure joy.  And Peta’s skill in teaching a deaf man to dance to such a level of excellence deserves an Emmy.  The dance of the night! As I watched him, I couldn’t help thinking of my father doing that dance so excellently in the 1930s/40s.

The negative: Be careful of the occasional slight slip in posture; it happened toward the finish when he may have tired.


WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT? Mischa.  Her improvement tonight with Artem came too late.  Doug and, surprisingly, Jodie were also in jeopardy.


NEXT WEEK: Len said, “Dance is a marriage between movement and music.” I intend to try to remember this while watching the performances.

Which dance, for you, was the dance of the night? Are the judges scoring fairly most of the time, or are they favoring certain stars?  Who has a chance to win?  Who should go home next?

These are my top contenders: Nyle, Paige, Jodie, Marla, Wanya, and Ginger.  Who are yours?

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