Dancing With The Stars Season 22: Week 2 Analysis

Dancing With The Stars Season 22: Week 2 Analysis


March 28. It’s the second week of Dancing with the Stars’ 22nd season and already Latin night.  And already, some of the contestants are dancing as though it’s at least week 6!  For the most part, this is a surprisingly good group—nice, dedicated, skilled, and entertaining.  Let’s see what they can do tonight!


Mischa Barton: Actress of film, TV, stage. Pro partner: Artem Chigventsev.

Antonio Brown: NFL/Pitts Steelers wide receiver/punt returner (like Hines Ward, season 12, Kym Johnson). Brown wants Steelers fans nationwide. Pro partner: Sharna Burgess.

Nyle Dimarco:  Deaf actor; an “America’s Next Top Model.” Pro partner: Peta Murgatroyd.

Kim Fields: TV/film actress (“The Facts Of Life”).” Pro partner: Sasha Farber.

Doug Flutie: FB commentator (was NFL Q’bk/Chargers/Patriots); Pro partner: Karina Smirnoff.

Marla Maples:  Stage/TV(host)/film; mother of Tiffany Trump.  Pro partner: Tony Dovolani.

Von Miller:  Den Broncos def. linebacker/SB50 MVP 2/2016.  Pro partner: Witney Carson.

Wanya Morris: 1990s H.S. to Boyz II Men (bestselling R&B). Pro partner: Lindsay Arnold.

Geraldo Rivera:  Award-winning journalist.  Pro partner: Edyta Sliwinska.

Jodie Sweetin: Actress (“Full/er House” & author). Pro partner: Keo Motsepe.

Paige VanZant: UFC straw-wt. mixed martial arts; lifelong dancer. Pro partner: Mark Ballas.

Ginger Zee: ABC GMA chief meteorologist, new mom. Pro partner: Val Chmerkovskiy.

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Dancing With The Stars on March 28, 2016: Week 2, Latin Night, Analysis

The judges seemed to have made a pact before show time to score some of the celebs lower than they deserved, often at 7-6-7, which was quite different from the other years. Again, in a case or two they over-scored.  Carrie Ann Inaba (CAI), the Lift Police, missed nothing.


  1. Jodie Sweetin: Samba. Judges’ score 7. My score 8.5.

The positive: Her samba was loose, fun, and proper. It had plenty of good traditional content.  She showed good lines, hip action, and footwork.  Good choreo, Keo!

The negative: Keep upping your confidence and learning technique.


  1. Marla Maples: Argentine Tango. Judges’ scores 7-6-7. My score 8.5.

The positive: Marla showed VG technique, lines, footwork, and facial expression. Her dance was correct, elegant/sophisticated, and pretty.  This fit lady seems to be a natural.

The negative: The adorable and always-tactful and gentle Tony did not seem to have encouraged her to truly relax into the dance in order to show the required passionate side of it; I suppose that he prefers his partners to master technique first so that they can then let loose without goofing up. Let loose, Marla—we know you can do it and do it well.


  1. Geraldo Rivera: Salsa. Judges’ scores 5-4-4.  My score 4.

The positive: He gave a tad more movement, excitement, and entertainment value this week, so that’s a slight improvement.

The negative: Even Master P, years ago, may have tried more than Geraldo did—and that isn’t saying much. If he isn’t really going to try, why is he here?  Like Geraldo, other contestants over the years competed at some point after they’d had back surgery or major illnesses and showed both some skill and true attempts to compete; so, to me, Geraldo has no excuse.  I’m very disappointed that he has let Edyta down; she just returned from years away from the show, but she’ll have to leave with him as soon as he’s voted out, which should have been yesterday.


  1. Paige VanZant: Salsa. Judges’ score 8.  My score 9.

The positive: Alan filled in for Mark on only two hours’ notice and did a fabulous job, another mark of a pro.  The dance was very fast and very athletic, which Paige, already an athlete, appeared to handle easily. It had plenty of high-level traditional salsa content with lifts and spins added.  Powerful—wow!  She can do anything, it seems, and performs as though she has trained and practiced for weeks or months.  Look out!

The negative: Mark injured his lower back yesterday; I could see that he’s in a lot of pain and worried about being able to return for the remainder of the season. Paige needs to be careful of timing and may need to tone down her athletic prowess when she gets to the waltz.


  1. Antonio Brown: Rhumba. Judges’ scores 6-6-7. My score 7.

The positive: Antonio seems to be a nice guy and a gentleman. I like him.  He and Sharna have interesting chemistry.  She produced good rhumba content.  He showed good arm/hand extensions and good lines most of the time.  He did a good lift, but—WHOOP! WHOOP!—one of her feet came off the floor and CAI saw it.  Antonio wants to keep learning and improving, and I believe he will do so.

The negative: As she did in a rhumba with Nick last season, Sharna should have ensured continual flowing movement and transitions to achieve continual connectivity and smoothness.


  1. Kim Fields: Tango. Judges’ scores 7-6-6. My score 7.

The positive: Is Kim cute, or what? She’s a ball of sunshine bouncing all over the room, doing her best, and cheering everyone along the way.  She showed good attitude, rhythm, lines, and pointed toes in Sasha’s good tango content.  What an adorable and well-matched pair!

The negative: Just keep learning techniques and timing—you’ll be fine.


  1. Nyle Dimarco: Rhumba. Judges’ scores 7-6-7.  My score 8.

The positive: Nyle performs amazingly well, with due credit to Peta again. His attention to the big picture and to the details, his movements and rhythm, his lines, his arms and hands all are outstanding. Yes, he’s very easy on the eyeballs, but his inner “beauty” is equally compelling and finishes his magnetic effect.

The negative: The music was very fast, which contradicted the traditional slower movement of the rhumba that easily lends itself to and produces a more-flowing, passionate, and sexy dance. As a result, the speed created a rushed and almost-incomplete feel that detracted from this performance’s flow and beauty.  Still, it was better and more enjoyable than Antonio’s with Sharna, which did not flow perfectly.  Both Peta and Nyle did a good job with the song they were given, so you can imagine how much better and how steamy their movements could have been at a slower pace.  Look out!


  1. Mischa Barton: Cha-Cha. Judges’ score 5. My score 5.

The positive: Mischa looked cute in a cute routine choreographed by Artem. At times she improves.  The technique that she showed in week 1 tells me that she is capable of overcoming her insecurities to become at least a technically proficient dancer.

The negative: Artem is clearly having a tough time dealing with Mischa’s insecurities and whatever else from her. It’s almost as painful to watch her as it is to watch Geraldo.  She’s a bit of a paradox: When she smiles, she looks cute and as though things may work out; but then what I perceive to be shyness and uncertainty show in her eyes, her smile goes away, and she “stumbles” while performing stiffly. Also, the tone of her voice is kind of unpleasant, which contradicts her cuteness when she smiles while seemingly bringing an air of authority and control that she does not display when dancing. Publicly, she says that she’s having fun on the show, but we’re not seeing her have fun on the dance floor.  Artem’s choreography lacked sufficient traditional cha-cha content while Mischa lacked rhythm/musicality, correct posture, effective footwork, and enjoyment. In person, Artem has a commanding presence, and he’s very impressive across the board, which he also displays on the show.  I hope they can work it out.  If she can combine confidence and relaxation with her week-1 ability to show correct technique, she could do well, after all.  But if she doesn’t improve quickly, she’ll go home very soon, if it isn’t already too late.


  1. Von Miller: Cha-Cha. Judges’ scores 7-6-7.  My score 6.5.

The positive: Von showed pretty-good rhythm and stayed with Witney.

The negative: Witney did NOT give him enough traditional cha-cha content, which was disappointing to many of us and a disservice to Von. Like me, the judges called Witney on the lack of cha-cha content, yet they somewhat over-scored Von’s dance.  I tended to disagree with CAI when she said that Von’s movements were too small at times; I thought they matched what was required in the dance, and the space for a cha-cha is not often like the space for a foxtrot.  He must work on technique, lines, posture, and transitioning his body from the freedom of FB to the constraints, required movements, flow and grace of dance.  He may get there, but I doubt that he’ll make it to the semifinals.


  1. Wanya Morris: Salsa. Judges’ score 8.  My score 8.5.

The positive: Fast, fun, exciting, rhythmic, and captivating. He kept up well with Lindsay; he moved, spun, and lifted her well.  He showed good hips, lines, and footwork.  He has a beautiful attitude and gives his best because he really wants this.  I like him and will stay in his corner.  Good choreo, Lindsay!

The negative: Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll become an unstoppable force.


  1. Doug Flutie: Paso Doble. Judges’ scores 7-6-7. My score 7.

The positive: That was an impressive and powerful jump early on!  He was really in character and into this dance!  Doug showed better musicality in a strong and passionate paso. Dramatic improvement for a truly nice guy who wants to do well!  I liked it, and I like him.

The negative: He must improve his frame/posture and techniques. I think he’ll become a pretty-good dancer.


  1. Ginger Zee: Samba. Judges’ score 7. My score 8.

The positive: She’s so cute, fun, and likeable. It was a good samba.  Her dance had good traditional content (thank you, Val!), she did well overall, and her footwork was good—all very impressive for only week 2 and the levels of stress she’s under.  Eager to see what she’ll do next.

The negative: Just keep learning and improving techniques.


Pros: Please don’t fool around when your song starts; get your partner into the dance right away.


WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT? Geraldo, which was what needed to happen. Jeepers, Nyle can neither hear nor feel the music, but he’s lightyears ahead of Geraldo in every way!  Apparently, many other Americans agreed with me, especially after Geraldo didn’t even appear to try in week 1.  He did try a little this week and give us a bit of entertainment, but it’s still too little and too late.  Bye-bye, Geraldo.  Journalism is your forte, so we wish you continued success there.  Second on my list to go home is Mischa Barton, and it may already be too late for her to improve for next week.  Third would be Doug Flute, although he really gives it his all and he improved dramatically this week.  The judges scored Kim lower this time, but in my book she’s way ahead of Mischa, in the middle of the pack, cute and bubbly.

Which dances did you like the most and the least? Weigh in with your comments! Praise, slam, explain, inspire, or whatever. Let’s have a spirited conversation!

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