Dancing With The Stars News: 25 June 2015

Dancing With The Stars News: 25 June 2015


When interviewed right after the win, Rumer thanked her mom for rallying so many people behind her and Val.  Val said, “We didn’t have a million followers,” seeming to indicate that certain others did.  He’s glad to have his name “written down as a contributing member of a wonderful show and to be recognized as part of the family.” He’s also glad for the timing of the win, to have won with Rumer instead of earlier with someone else.

Rumer recently got a new tattoo—on her left arm, it appeared to me, as a reminder of her DWTS experience.  The tattoo is a sketch of one of her performances.  She said on Instagram, “Thank you @dr_woo_ssc for this beautiful art. I got this as a reminder that what we are searching for can only be found within yourself….not from your job, how much money you make, who your dating, how many followers you have. The value and love you have for yourself can only come from within and I am so grateful to have had such an incredible experience to help me understand that.”  In addition, ballroom dancing has become her dancing regime.  Of it, she said to People’s TV Watch,”I just found such a love for dancing. If anybody would love to just feel great, not just physically but you want to feel such confidence, just go and take ballroom dancing class! I love it more than any kind of workout.”


According to www.abc.go.com, Rumer will be a part of many of the shows on the Dancing with the Stars: Live! Perfect 10 Tour this summer.  She said, “Val and I were lucky enough to have incredible fans that supported us throughout the entire show, and they are the reason we won. I can’t wait to meet the fans and perform for them live. My other passion is music, and I’m looking forward to singing live during the show and accompanying the best dancers in the world.”


Noah said, “I couldn’t have asked for more” in making the DWTS finals.   In an interview with “Men’s Health” mag, as the winner of their first Ultimate Guy contest (2014) and a finalist in the spring 2015 DWTS competition, he said, “Making it to the finals was a surprise and an honor, so that was perfect. Everyone asks me if I will dance after this. And I say, ‘No, because I’m not a dancer.’ People are still saying to me, ‘You should’ve won.’ So even better than winning it, for me, was that everyone behind the scenes—like the guys who set the stages and the people in hair and makeup—were telling me that I was their favorite.” He added, “I carry myself better now. I move better now. And I walk more gracefully, which is huge. All because I had to learn to balance myself for the dances. I’ve always worked hard to walk as normal as possible, so to know that ten years later I’ve improved it again? I couldn’t have asked for more.” Of the high-tech prosthetic arm that was made for him during his DWTS season, he said, “. . . The arm is something I will definitely wear in the future, but there was no way I was going to learn how to use the arm when I was working such long hours to learn my dance steps. . . .” When MH said, “Your right arm could probably use a break, right?” Noah responded: “Yes, because my right arm is the only arm I have. And it took a beating. By the night of the finale, my right arm–from my elbow to my wrist–was just aching. My joints, too. I overstressed my right side. And I know that however much you put into it in the gym, you have to have rest. The rest is where you recover and that’s how you improve.”


As many of you are aware, during the off-TV season some of the DWTS pros and winners perform on tours around the U.S.–but not only on land.   According to www. hollandamerica.com, Florence Henderson headlined Dancing with the Stars: At Sea theme cruises this month aboard ms Veendam to Bermuda and Canada and New England. The cruises also featured TV personality Carson Kressley (of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame) and DWTS Stars pro dancers Tristan MacManus and Kym Johnson (two-time Mirrorball Trophy winner). Some events included dance lessons with the ship’s pros, a chance to meet the dance pros and celebrities, and even a fashion show.

Here’s an ad from the Web site concerning forthcoming cruises:

“Sail with the Stars on our exciting theme cruises

Each theme cruise features lively guest performances from the professional dancers and celebrities who dazzle the audience with routines from the television show and exciting new choreographed dances. 

2015-2016 Dancing with the Stars: At Sea theme cruises:

Whether you love to dance yourself or simply enjoy watching glamorous costuming and dazzling dance, Dancing with the Stars: At Sea is not to be missed.

*See complete terms and conditions.”


Meanwhile, a reminder for all of you: “DWTS Live! Perfect 10 Tour,” hosted by Melissa Rycroft, who won with Tony Dovolani a few years ago, is making its way around the country. It will be in Dayton, Ohio, on Thursday, July 30, and I hope to be there.  The Web site, www.abc.go.com, adds, “Tickets for Dancing with the Stars: Live! are on sale now. For up to date information and to purchase tickets, go to dwtstour.com. VIP packages will be available through VIPNation.com, giving fans the chance to purchase premium tickets, meet and greet opportunities with the cast, exclusive merchandise and photo opportunities.”  If you get to go, wherever you are, please sign into this blog and tell us all about it.

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