Dancing with the Stars Fall Season 2015, Week 6 Analysis

Dancing with the Stars Fall Season 2015, Week 6 Analysis:


Monday, October 19

A fabulous opening of all pros dancing promoted “Famous Dance Roles” night on Week 6 of Dancing With The Stars! The celebs and the pros were challenged with the intimidating task of attempting to re-enact iconic dance performances from songs in movies and videos.  Learning the dances is hard enough, but stepping up to such a demand must have been nerve-wracking, especially for certain celebs.  Olivia Newton-John served as a guest-judge, sitting next to Bruno as judge #3.  Hosts and judges reminded teams that they’re halfway through the competition, which is slated to conclude during Thanksgiving week.


  1. Hayes Grier: Jazz. Judges’ scores 8. My score 8.

The negative: Hayes needs to keep/flow the rhythm instead of sort of going in and out of it.  He may have been in his head a bit much and/or slowing down or even almost stopping momentarily at times, depending on what he was supposed to do next with Emma.

The positive: Still, he is only a 15-year-old kid who’s learning to dance and doing well despite the demands and challenges.  He acted the part well, went all in, and did a nice job with a great attitude.


  1. Andy Grammer: Jazz. Judges’ scores 10. My score 10.

Andy and Allison performed to the “Good Morning” song from “Singin’ in the Rain,” which starred Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor. This is a complex, physically demanding number.  Andy stayed right with Allison the whole way, not missing a beat or anything else.  They did everything just as the threesome had in the 1952 film (without the second guy)–correctly, timely, enthusiastically.  His arms were graceful, too.  The whole thing warmed my heart and made me feel good.  It was knock-your-socks-off impressive across the board.  I’m happy for Andy!  For me, the dance of the night, tied with Nick’s.


  1. Alexa PenaVega: Cha-Cha. Judges’ scores 8-7-7-8. My score 8.

The re-enactment of a Britney Spears performance with a snake was brave, sexy, musical, and nicely done. She seemed to hold back a tad, though; somehow we know that she has more to give.  Good job, Alexa!


  1. Bindi Irwin: Rhumba. Judges’ scores 10. My score 10.

Re-enacting the last, big number from “Dirty Dancing,” between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Gray, was a big assignment. The rhythm, timing, steps, hip action, details, lifts, etc. were all perfect.  This girl is a force!


  1. Paula Deen: Jazz. Judges’ scores 6. My score 6.

The negative and the positive: Paula was really in character for this one. She showed correct arm movements and graceful hands.  She had a lot of fun while entertaining us.  Unfortunately, the tempo of this Madonna song limited movement, so Paula basically just walked, did the arm/hand gestures, and played the role well; it wasn’t really “dancing.”


  1. Carlos PeneVega: Rhumba. Judges’ scores 10-9-9-10. My score 9.

Carlos and Witney resurrected the chair/strip scene from “Magic Mike.” Great choreo, Witney.  And, yes, ladies, it was sexy, in the understated way that Carlos insisted on.  Carlos was all in and right on!


  1. Nick Carter: Samba. Judges’ scores 9-10-10-10. My score 10.

Nick and Sharna danced to “Saturday Night Fever.” Nothing negative!  Again, his bum had to be thrust forward much of the time, and he did not disappoint.  Nick was all in and it was perfect.  As Olivia said, Nick “channeled John” Travolta for this performance. I loved it!  For me, the dance of the night, tied with Andy’s.


  1. Alek Skarlatos: Jive. Judges’ score 8-8-7-7. My score 8.

Good choreo to Elvis’s “Jailhouse Rock.” Alek was totally in character and the whole thing was cute.  He stayed with Lindsay the whole way but didn’t seem to give it quite his all.  We’re waiting for him to let ‘er rip. Good job.  What a sweet, talented guy!


  1. Tamar Braxton: Jazz. Judges’ scores 10. My score 10.

Tamar and Max performed to one of Madonna’s songs. Nothing negative.  Again, the choreo was extremely detailed, demanding, and difficult.  They were in sync, on target.  Although she was sick, she was committed and determined to learn the routine perfectly and to do a great job.  They truly did justice to the military dance style.  Gotta love that precision!



WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT? Paula Deen. What a sweet, entertaining lady!  Voters made the right call to send her home, to which she said, “Oh, good, I get to see my grandbabies!” but I’ll miss her humor.


Who are the top 4 in your book? Write in to share your thoughts and predictions.  I’d love to hear from you!

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