Dancing with the Stars Fall Season 2015, Week 4 Analysis

Dancing with the Stars Fall Season 2015, Week 4 Analysis:

On Dancing With The Stars, this week’s performances showcased each celeb’s most-special time or a turning point in their lives. Brief versions were also mentioned verbally by some of the pros. Speaking of pros, a few had announcements: Witney is engaged to be married (to whom?), and Allison is four months pregnant. Certain celebs showed even greater improvement, most maintained, and a few took a step or two down the ladder.

Singer/Host Tamar Braxton with pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy

Actor Gary Busey with pro partner Anna Trebunskaya

Backstreet Boys Singer Nick Carter with pro partner Sharna Burgess

Domestic Diva Paula Deen with pro partner Louis Van Amstel

Victor Espinoza with pro partner Karina Smirnoff

Singer Andy Grammer with pro partner Allison Holker

Teen Social Media Geek Hayes Grier with pro partner Emma Slater

Actress Bindi Irwin with pro partner Derek Hough

Singer Chaka Khan with pro partner Keo Motsepe

Actress Alexa PenaVega with pro partner Mark Ballas

Actor/Singer Carlos PenaVega with pro partner Witney Carson

Army Hero Alek Skarlatos with pro partner Lindsay Arnold

Atlanta Housewife Kim Zollciak Biermann with pro partner Tony Dovolani


Monday, October 5

Host Tom Bergeron was absent due to a family situation; Alfonso Ribeiri filled in well for him. Again, most judges’ scores were accurate tonight; one or two were excessive or underrated. A switch-up of couples, voted on by viewers, will take place next week.


  1. Alexa PenaVega: Foxtrot. Judges’ score 7. My score 7.5.

The negative: Some early missteps and mistimings, from which she recovered beautifully, without any recognition of it showing on her face.

The positive: Extended/graceful arms and hands! Lighthearted and fun. Overall, good technique, choreo. & attitude.


  1. Gary Busey: Jazz. Judges’ scores 5-6-5. My score 5.

The negative and the positive: Very meaningful for Gary from when he portrayed singer Buddy Holly way back in 1979. Again, too much of Anna dancing alone. Gary’s footwork was all over the place. A nice effort, but not as good as last week; a step down the ladder.


  1. Tamar Braxton: Rhumba. Judges’ scores 9. My score 9.

The negative: ZIP!

The positive: Appropriately continual movement. Beautiful, touching story; open, intense, sexy, emotional, graceful, connected; gorgeous arms and hands. Wow! Loved it!


  1. Hayes Grier: Contemporary. Judges’ scores 9. My score 9.

The negative: I recorded nothing negative.

The positive: A fast song! Good timing and stayed right on with Emma, with good posture/lines/grace, despite her demanding choreography. Impressive! I liked it!


  1. Alek Skarlatos: Paso Doble. Judges’ score 8. My score 8.

The negative: A good first paso that whose required postures and techniques will be even better the next time.

The positive: Intense, passionate, strong, focused, connected, good footwork. He’s a joy to watch.


  1. Nick Carter: Jazz.” Judges’ score 9. My score 9.

The negative: ?

The positive: Sharp choreo. of the early 1990s, when Nick was 12 and joined the Backstreet Boys. So on target, nostalgic, and fun. Great job! Wow, Sharna!


  1. Carlos PeneVega: Waltz. Judges’ scores 9-8-8. My score 8.

The negative: He still needs to focus on opening his chest and shoulders and on extending his arms fully and gracefully.

The positive: What a pretty dance! Inspiring, spiritual, heart-warming. A lovely story. I would have preferred a little more traditional waltz content, but the modern addition of some separating and reconnecting worked okay because the story and most of the movements were pretty and graceful.

I liked it.


  1. Paula Deen: Cha-Cha. Judges’ score 6. My score 6.

The negative and the positive: Paula has shapely legs that look great for her age! She has improved her dancing skills, and what she shows us indicates that she could continue to improve if only she would believe in herself. The dance had a tricky and surprising ending that Paula and Louis handled nearly perfectly, so that was impressive.


  1. Andy Grammer: Cha-Cha. Judges’ scores 7-8-8. My score 6.5.

The negative and the positive: Needs to connect more strongly with Allison. Allison needs to trust Andy and give him more quality dancing to do instead of doing too much dancing by herself. They tried to vary types of dance that Allison included with the cha-cha and clearly had fun while doing so, but it was not cohesive enough and had a strange feel to it. I wish that it had had more cha-cha content, especially performed by Andy, and less of the other stuff that made the whole thing kind of weird and unconnected. Andy’s dance skill has lessened; most of the blame probably goes to Allison. It was rather disappointing, and I didn’t like much of it because there wasn’t enough quality to like. Carrie Ann said some of the same things I said. Clearly, the judges’ scores were inflated.


  1. Bindi Irwin: Contemporary. Judges’ scores 9-9-10. My score 10.

The positive, only: Beautiful choreography and performance. Technique and lines were gorgeous. She put it all out there for the turning point of when her famous father died when she was a little girl. So touching! Perfection!  For me, the dance of the night!


WHO WAS ELIMINATED TONIGHT? Gary. Goodbye from the ballroom, good man; we’ll look for you on the silver screen.


STATUS: I see the top performers and true contenders:

  1. Bindi Irwin
  2. Tamar Braxton
  3. Alek Skarlatos
  4. Nick Carter


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