Dancing With The Stars: Week 9 Analysis

Dancing With The Stars Season 22: Week 9 Analysis


Antonio Brown: NFL/Pitts Steelers wide receiver/punt returner. Pro partner: Sharna Burgess.

Nyle Dimarco:  Deaf actor; an “America’s Next Top Model.” Pro partner: Peta Murgatroyd.

Wanya Morris: 1990s H.S. to Boyz II Men (bestselling R&B). Pro partner: Lindsay Arnold.

Paige VanZant: UFC straw-wt. mixed martial arts; lifelong dancer. Pro partner: Mark Ballas.

Ginger Zee: ABC GMA chief meteorologist, new mom. Pro partner: Val Chmerkovskiy.

Dancing With The Stars: Week 9 Analysis

It’s Semifinals  Week on Dancing With The Stars, with five remaining celebs and their pro partners each doing two dances.  A “third wheel” joins each pair in the first dance.

  1. Paige VanZant: Samba with Alan. Judges’ score 10. My score10.

The positive: Clever choreo. in a cute story of two male peacocks after one female peacock. On toes, on beat; rhythmic, sexy hips.  Perfect!  Loved it!

The negative: No.

Arg. Tango.                           Judges’ scores 10-9-10.  My score 10.

The positive: Wow!  A sexy, sensual, slightly suggestive, and superb Argentine Tango!  Hot!  Paige has really grown comfortably into herself as an adult dancer.  Lifts, spins, flicks, and everything else there that was supposed to be there, and more.  Superior, tasteful choreo. with some clothing pieces coming off and others connecting the couple.  Second to none—one of the best Arg. Tangos I’ve seen, Mark.  Congrats!  For me, THE DANCE OF THE NIGHT!

The negative: Not here!


  1. Antonio Brown: Arg. Tango with [name UNK] Judges’score 9. My score 9.

The positive: Intense, tight, sharp; great lifts. Impressive footwork individually and with the girls.

The negative: Still needs to be careful of his posture at times.

Contemporary.                      Judges’ scores 9-9-10.  My score 9.

The positive: Athletic, graceful; beautiful/well-done lifts.  Excellent choreography.

The negative: Didn’t notice anything in particular.


  1. Wanya Morris: Paso with Witney.                      Judges’ score 10.  My score 10.

The positive: Aggressive, powerful, true, passionate, well-coordinated and in sync at all times from girl to girl. Some elegant moves, including Wanya’s posturing at the end. Gorgeous!

The negative: (Get real.)

Charleston.                             Judges’ score 10.  My score 10.

The positive: Very fast but not hectic or confusing. Right on! Fab content (Lindy Hop, esp. right away, and even some Quickstep added to the Charleston). Classy—the cat’s meow!  Swell and fancy footwork, Lindsay!

The negative: (In your dreams.)


  1. Nyle Dimarco: Jive with Jenna. Judges’ score 9. My score 9.5.

            The positive:  A cute story of Nyle two-timing the girls. Intricate choreo. with good transitions, although all agreed that it became hectic. Sharp kicks/flicks.

            The negative:  Off timing/out of sync. during part(s) of the dance.

Arg. Tango.                           Judges’ score 10.  My score 10.

The positive: Correct, fast/sharp/tight and slow/deliberate/graceful; passionate, sexy.  Fully in sync. Beautiful!

The negative: Nothing!


  1. Ginger Zee: Paso with Artem. Judges’ score 9. My score 9.

The positive: Intricate, powerful attack. Dramatic & strong. Very impressive! All in!

The negative:  Unfortunately, her skirt appeared to be cumbersome to lift and difficult to handle throughout; it interfered several times, but she didn’t actually do anything wrong.

Quickstep.                                           Judges’ scores 9-10-10.  My score 9.5.

The positive: Fab footwork! Fully correct and lighthearted. Her skirt got in the way just a tad but didn’t cause actual problems.

The negative:  Just difficult enough.



WHO WENT HOME IN THE DOUBLE ELIMINATION TONIGHT? It turned out as I predicted last week: Antonio, who should have left at least a week ago, and the joyful Wanya.


NEXT WEEK: Two nights of the finals: Nyle, Paige, and Ginger—in that order in my book.

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