4-5 May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Events & Analysis

4-5 May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 8 Events & Analysis

It’s America’s Choice Week on Dancing WithThe Stars! Each contestant did two dances. Then, combining last week’s and this week’s votes, America decided whom to send home in a double elimination. Nearly every dancer stepped up his/her game. Chris, Noah, and Riker were nervous over the impending double elimination, Robert joked to Kym about the possibility of buying votes, and Rumer said that she and Val would continue their luck via traditional dancing methods and styles. On Tuesday night two dancers were sent home, a third-party dance troupe performed, and we were entertained by two singers. The always-funny threesome at Dance Center—cute/funny/endearing Jerry Rice, blasé/dry-wit Kenny Mayne, and deadpanned Len Goodman—cameoed on Monday and thoroughly entertained us on Tuesday.

  1. Veteran Noah Galloway: Tango/Salsa.                  Judges’ scores 8/8.  My scores 8/8.

The positive: Tango: Sharna’s choreography was clever, very good.  Of course, it couldn’t have the perfect traditional movements due to Noah’s physical limitations, but Noah did a lot of leg and foot movements and he showed excellent balance and form in the process.  Bruno called him “the white, valiant knight.”  The duo did well and had a good time.

The negative: Tango: For this intense dance, Noah should have shown more facial drama.

The positive:  Salsa:  Emma accompanied them in this production, which was fun and celebratory.  The choreo. and timing were good, and the whole thing was very entertaining. Noah handled the two women and himself well. The funniest spot of the night occurred during the judges’ comments: Bruno—not Carrie Ann this time—fell off his chair; OMG, so funny!

The negative: Salsa: Nothing noted.


  1. “Bachelor” Chris Soules: Contemporary/Paso Doble. Judges’ scores 8.5/7.5.  My scores 8/7.

The positive: Contemporary: Very pretty and graceful from the first chord!  WOW on the lifts!  His skills have improved tremendously, but I’m still surprised that he’s still here.

The negative: Contemporary: I noticed nothing specific, and the judges cited nothing.

The positive: Paso:  Lindsey assisted the pair.  Chris clearly concentrated very hard—too hard at points—and tried to appear intense. He danced the entire song and did a pretty-good job.

The negative: Paso:  His timing was off now and again, and the dance appeared to be a bit clunky. His nervousness over the possibility of being voted off may have hampered his work.


  1. Musician Riker Lynch: Viennese Waltz/Jazz.         Judges’ scores 9.75/10.  My scores 10/10.

Both dances showed the second-best choreo of the night, tied with Val’s—no negatives!

The positive: V. Waltz: It was a bit frenetic because of the song they were given to dance to, but it also was far more beautiful, graceful, and excellently emotional. Fabulous form, content, musicality, timing, footwork, and arms!  Loved it!

The positive: Jazz: Brittany danced with them.  Again, very graceful at times; fun, great timing and choreo. with sharp, long movements. They looked like 3 pros dancing together. Riker looked as though he had had years of dance training, including in ballet—WOW! He seems able to learn quickly and to do anything that the world of dance asks of him.


  1. ‘Shark’ Robert Herjavec: Contemporary/Samba. Judges’ scores 8.25/7.75. My scores 8.5/7.5.

The positive: Contemporary: Oh, the chemistry! Everyone keeps wondering whether these two have a romantic relationship in real life, especially after they kissed during this dance.  Beautiful, graceful, heartfelt, touching. Great content and good form.  Nearly perfect. I loved it!

The negative: Contemporary: Sorry that I don’t recall noticing what escaped perfection.

The positive: Samba: Jenna assisted the couple. Robert handled the girls well and kept up well most of the time. Fun, bouncy, exciting. As he did on a few other occasions, Robert recovered gracefully and professionally right after his timing got a bit off.

The negative: Samba: The dance was rather frenetic, which caused Robert’s timing/footwork to go a bit off course for a moment, but overall Robert performed well.


  1. Gymnast Nastia Liukin: Paso Doble/Jive.                         Judges’ scores 9/10.  My scores 8/10.

Sasha continued to assist in both dances due to Derek’s foot/ankle injuries.

The positive: Paso: Good choreo (not as good as usual), well executed. I liked much of it.

The negative: Paso:  To me, the dance came across as being overly rehearsed, jerky, almost robotic at times.  Of course, a paso does not really flow like a waltz, but at times it usually has some flow and grace; this paso had none. It attracted and repelled me, all at once.

The positive: Jive: This evidenced Derek’s imaginative/creative, stellar choreography. OMG fantastic! Cute, fun, crisp; sharp kicks.  Extremely entertaining as Nastia went from room to room dancing with Derek in one and Sasha in the other. Near the end, Sasha slid her across the floor and through the doorway to Derek.  Outstanding in every way!  Best choreo of the night!

The negative: Jive: Zip.


  1. Actress Rumer Willis: Rhumba/Paso Doble.         Judges’ scores 10/10.  My scores 10/10.

Her mom (Demi) and sister were present; too bad that her dad (Bruce) had to be absent.  Both dances showed the second-best choreo of the night, tied with Allison’s—no negatives!

The positive: Rhumba: Graceful, flowing, elegant, gorgeous!  Fab choreography, Val: classic, constant, beautiful! Perfect footwork/form/content/musicality/rhythm/sync. Cute ending.

The positive:  Paso Doble: Artem assisted.  Rumer’s arms and hands were especially graceful. Sharp/intense yet graceful/beautiful choreo that smoothly incorporated Artem in perfect timing.  Rumer looked like a pro! Mesmerizing! Superb!  Addictive!  Must see it again!


JUDGES’ CHOICE:  Carrie Ann, Len, Julianne, and Bruno asked Rumer and Val to perform an encore of their paso doble.  Fabulous—I want to see it again and again!  I’m happy for them!


DANCE CENTER:  They’re back!  Jerry Rice, Kenny Mayne & Len Goodman! 

Monday:  Jerry, Kenny, and Len just traded a few barbs.

Tuesday:  The three were in fine form: Jerry sporting glitter eyeshadow, a center-forehead decoration, and a white jacket with a sequined collar—so funny and charismatic; Kenny bearing his usual, practiced blasé attitude and tone; and Len giving his frequent deadpan delivery, at times wearing a tiara and feathers.  They had an evaluation sheet prepared about each of the six contestants. All in play, they called Chris a pig farmer and said Riker is really bald under a wig; they called Nastia “Nasty” and said that her favorite drink is her opponents’ tears.  Best of all, they showed the following chart about Noah: “More of a man than you are.  Age 34, Arms 1, Legs 1, ABS Washboard, Dimples 4”—too cute!



A dance troupe performed using their bodies on walls—simple and stunning.

Two singers wowed us: During the first half hour it was Carly Rae Jepsen, backed by singers and dancers. In the second half it was the incomparable Josh Groban, accompanied by young female dancers/ballerinas; his latest album is “Stages.”


WHO WENT HOME IN THE DOUBLE ELIMINATION ON TUESDAY NIGHT?  First was Robert (calm), whom I’ll dearly miss.  Second was Chris (emotional!), who arrived with no dance skills, lasted longer than most of us expected, and left with many skills and genuine appreciation.  It was exactly as I had predicted.  Chris struggled through tears; he clearly couldn’t talk well; Tom should have let him alone and just asked Witney to talk for the pair.

OUR FINAL FOUR:  Riker, Rumer, Noah, and Nastia!

 UPCOMING:  Saturday, May 16:  “Road to the Finals.”  

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