19May2015 Dancing With The Stars: SEASON 20 (Tenth-Year) FINALE: Who Won the Golden Mirrorball Trophy?

19May2015 Dancing With The Stars:  SEASON 20 (Tenth-Year) FINALE: Who Won the Golden Mirrorball Trophy?

Riker, Rumer, and Noah in THE FINALS of “Dancing With The Stars”! Last night we watched as each contestant did two dances. Tonight each had to do another dance, a fusion that they devised in only 24 hours, to earn the judges’ top votes, with viewers’ votes counting for half. But first, tonight’s highlights:

All of the eliminated contestants returned and performed, even two from last year (Sadie Robertson and winner Alfonso Ribeiri). With Alfonso by his side, Tom announced that he’s stepping down after 15 years as host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos” and Alfonso will take his place—the fun and great humor will continue. Congrats, Alfonso! Tom prefaced Robert and Kym’s cha-cha with another reminder of their amazing chemistry. When guest singer Jason Derulo performed, Emma was the key female with him; when they finished, Tom said, “In rehearsal Emma actually melted two wind machines” (LOL). Derek with former contestant Amy Purdy and Sharna with Noah performed together. Derek/Sasha and Nastia rehashed their darling subway dance; Derek probably will win an award for that choreography. Fifth Harmony girl singers performed “Worth It.” Derek and Julianne danced together as brother and sister to Sia’s “Elastic Heart”—intense and fabulous! RedFoo was as entertaining as ever, and the crabs returned.

  1. Noah Galloway: Cha-cha & Argentine Tango. Judges’ scores 10/9/9/9. My score 9.5.

Noah did two amazing one-arm lifts—the first from their week-4 contemporary and the second from their week-3 Arg. Tango, I think.  All was merged well and beautiful.  Bruno said, “You are legend.”  Carrie Ann said, “You changed people’s lives forever.”  Afterward, Riker told Noah that he killed that dance.  What’s not to love?


  1. Riker Lynch: Salsa & Quickstep. Judges’ scores 10/10/10/10. My score 10.

Riker said, “I’ve done things I never really thought I could do.”  Their fusion was so cool, a seamless combo.  Loved it.  Carrie Ann said, “I have loved every moment of watching you dance.”  I have, too.  Who could have predicted that this sweet, dedicated young man could learn to dance so well and seemingly so easily?  He’s knocked our socks off all season long.  I’ve loved him and Allison since night one, and rooted for them and Rumer/Val, for obvious reasons, the entire season.  Again, although their freestyle last night was conceived, choreographed and performed superbly, and I think Allison was going for the “Wow–this hasn’t been done before!” factor, I still believe that a fusion of the dances Riker learned throughout the season would have been more appropriate.


  1. Rumer Willis: Foxtrot & Paso.     Judges’ scores 10/10/10/10.  My score 10.

Again, both of Rumer’s parents were there, just not sitting together. Dad Bruce smiled the entire time, I think.

Rumer said, “I am a completely different person than I was three months ago.”  The precision and beauty were as striking as always. Wonderful! Carrie Ann said, “You are just the real deal.”  Len said, “You are as good as anyone who’s ever been on DWTS.”  Erin said, “Come back and perform every year!”  I agree!


Patti sang, “Two Steps Away.”  Great job, Patti!  BTW, Patti’s going on tour this summer.


DANCE OF THE NIGHT:  (1) Rumer & Val, (2) Riker & Allison, (3) Noah & Sharna.


WHO WON THE MIRRORBALL TROPHY?  They say that the freestyle is the key and the best freestyle wins it all.  Monday night we saw only one full freestyle, which was by Riker and Allison; some of Noah’s was done before, and all of Rumer’s was a rerun of a sure thing. Did one pair set a new precedent on Monday?  Yes!

THE RESULTS:        Third Place:      Noah & Sharna.  The crowd chanted his name.

While awaiting the final decision, Val kept opening and closing his eyes, peeking at the camera, hoping, hoping . . .

Second Place:   Riker & Allison.

Our Winner:   Rumer & Val!

            No wonder I couldn’t get through on the phone line to vote on Monday night!


Who got your vote?  What are your reactions?  Please write in and weigh in.


We’ll do this all over again in the fall when DWTS returns for season 21, part one of year 11.  Meanwhile, you might want to catch the troupe on their summer tour, coming to a city near you!  Take care and keep your dancing shoes on!


P.S.  If you want to know more about the life of a ballroom dancer in the 1930s/40s, check out my book, “Dancing in the Stars: Carroll Webster, International Dance Luminary of Vaudeville and Hollywood,” available from https://www.createspace.com/5311269 and Amazon.com.  Thank you! Enjoy!


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