18May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 FINALS Analysis

18May2015 Dancing With The Stars: Week 10 FINALS Analysis

The “Road to the Finals” special that aired on Saturday, May 16, at 8 p.m. showcased our three finalists–Riker, Rumer, and Noah–along the way, showed them answering questions for fans, and showed in unedited honesty the quality of their relationships with their pro partners.  We’d seen most of it before in bits over the weeks, but it was nice to see again.    

Now, we’re watching THE FINALS of “Dancing With The Stars”! Each contestant did two dances tonight. America has a tough job to decide a winner, and the contestants have another dance, a fusion, to do on Tuesday night. I dialed and redialed and redialed in an attempt to submit my vote, until nearly 11:00, but I couldn’t get through.

  1. Noah Galloway: Argentine Tango/Freestyle. Judges’ scores 8/10. My scores 8/10.

The positive: Arg. Tango: I could see nervousness in Noah’s face right before they hit the floor this time.  Noah and Sharna redid and improved upon their original Arg. Tango from week three.  Great technique and lifts, especially.  They were perfectly in sync nearly all the way, with Noah goofing just a little during the last while.  What chemistry!

The negative: Arg. Tango: Too excited and happy, Noah couldn’t quite meet the requirement of showing dramatic facial expressions during the dance, but that’s okay.

The positive:  Freestyle:  Again, the incredible choreo. involved several other dancers, both male and female, to assist in representing Noah’s story of struggle: intense, very physical but well controlled and timed, dramat. The warrior still reigns in every way.  Everyone appears to love Noah, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever seen on TV.  You were crying too, right?  At the moment, despite my extensive vocabulary, I can’t find the words to describe what this man has accomplished and how significantly he has affected others in his mild-mannered way with his life-altering story.  “Incredible” and “amazing” are overused.  How do you describe it?


  1. Riker Lynch: ‘Pirate’ Paso/Freestyle. Judges’ scores 10/10. My scores 10/10.

The positive: Paso: As we saw originally in week 5, the choreography, with Riker as pirate Jack Sparrow, was extremely difficult, sharp, crisp, intense, energetic, dramatic, passionate, every step in sync., and somehow even better than in week 5.  Top-drawer, expertly executed at pro level! I could see that Riker was pushing himself even harder than before.  Like Len, I was on my feet saying, “I loved it!”  Will watch it again and again!

The positive: Freestyle: Like a scene from a 1930s Hollywood musical: showy, rhythmic, good music and good dancing; classic, classy, and smooth; in sync. Lovely to see the 1930s represented, as well as to see it end on a modern note. Well-done and professional!

The negative: Freestyle: Although I was very impressed by what they did, they did not do anything wrong, and it probably was a first for a freestyle, I was a tad disappointed because I had expected a combo of styles; something about it didn’t feel quite right to me, even though they danced excellently, so it was my least-favorite dance of the night. Nothing against either of them, though.  I’d love to watch them dance together every day if I could!


  1. Rumer Willis: Foxtrot/Argentine Tango. Judges’ scores 10/10. My scores 10/10.

Both of Rumer’s parents were there, just not sitting together. Dad Bruce cried at one point.

The positive: Foxtrot: Flowing, dramatic, elegant, lyrical, dramatic and poetic, and then fun.  Beautiful! Everything was perfect!

The positive: Arg. Tango: 100% Arg. Tango, nothing else! Stripped down, raw, pure, bare necessities, intense, dramatic, focused, sharp yet smooth, in sync, fab use of small space.  Again, Rumer looked like a pro in every way. Superb! Transcending! Must see it again!

DANCE OF THE NIGHT:  Val & Rumer’s Argentine Tango!


BEST CHOREOGRAPHY OF THE NIGHT: A tie between Val & Rumer’s Argentine Tango, and Allison & Riker’s paso, even though they were ‘reruns’.


WHO WILL GO HOME WITH THE MIRRORBALL TROPHY?  They say that the freestyle is the key and the best freestyle wins it all.  Tonight we saw only one full freestyle, which was by Riker and Allison. (Some of Noah’s was done before, and all of Rumer’s was a rerun of a sure thing.) Did one pair set a new precedent tonight? Who got your vote?  See you later, on the edge of my seat!


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