DANCING WITH THE STARS, POST-SEASON 24: August 4, 2017 Welcome back, Dancing With The Stars FANS!  We have some good news this week and some reason for speculation.   BABIES: Gleb and Elena (Samodanova) Savchenko welcomed their 7.9-pound new daughter, Zlata, on Tuesday, August 1, at 10:26 p.m. in Sydney, Australia.  Everyone’s healthy and happy, including the excited big sister, Olivia, age 6.  That’s wonderful news!  I’m just afraid that the child won’t be able to pronounce her own name for a few years; toddlers usually need a lot of coaching and practice to pronounce any word that contains consecutive consonants (in this case, “Zl”).   PROS RETURNING? Mark Ballas is too busy in his music career and whatever else right now, but I think he’ll return down the line.  Edyta Sliwinska, as I’ve often said, is one of my faves, and she says she would like to come back (remember: She had her second child not long ago).  Suppoedly, Maks and Peta don’t even know yet whether they’ll teach and dance.  Needless to say, most of us would love to have Derek Hough back, too, whenever possible.  Word is that he would gladly return to Dancing With The Stars to teach singer Celine Dion, if that were possible.  Isn’t she still in residency in Vegas?  I suspect that she would be a pretty-good dancer, though.   CELEBS TO DANCE? Paradise:   DeMario Jackson, from a recent “Bachelor in Paradise,” is said to be in negotiations to participate in Dancing with the Stars.  Supposedly, his co-star, Corinne Olympios, is interested, too.   Political:  Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was invited but declined due to a hectic schedule of commitments and supposedly because he can’t dance, anyway.   WORLD OF DANCE: We’re headed to the finals now and the dancing is even better than before.  Derek is an excellent judge, along with Ne-Yo and JLo.  I agreed with their first decision of Eva Igo over Diana Pombo in the junior division; but, even though Le Twins are quite good, the married couple is even better and more creative and deserved the trip to the finals for the ‘older’ division. More very soon.  Have a happy...

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